Wildcat Discovery Technologies Introduces SuperFilm™ Electrolyte Technology

Wildcat's new SuperFilm™ electrolyte solutions enable increased lithium-ion cycle life, coulombic efficiency and thermal stability.

Wildcat Discovery Technologies Introduces SuperFilm™ Electrolyte Technology
San Diego, CA, June 08, 2015 --(PR.com)-- Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a technology company using high throughput methods to develop improved battery materials, is pleased to announce the discovery of its new SuperFilm™ electrolyte technology enabling superior electrode SEI film-forming properties.

The properties and quality of the solid electrolyte interphase (SEI) layer are critical to achieving high cycle life, high rate performance, and wide operating temperature ranges in a battery. However, SEI layers on graphite anodes are generally non-uniform and have incomplete surface coverage. To achieve stable performance, additives must accomplish two things: deposit uniformly on the electrode surface and form a mechanically and electrochemically stable coating. Finding single additives that achieve both things well has proven difficult, and combining two functional additives often creates antagonistic effects. As a result, today’s set of viable electrolyte additives is limited to a select few that assist SEI formation marginally well.

Wildcat’s SuperFilm™ technology decouples film formation from functionality for electrolyte additives and consequently opens the door for using and combining new compounds in electrolyte formulations. “SuperFilm™ is a family of electrolytes built from components with unique combinations of film forming cores and functional group additives that have been tailored to improve cell performance for specific cathodes and voltages,” said Dr. Dee Strand, Wildcat’s Chief Scientific Officer. “SuperFilm™ is a new additive concept in which functional additives are bound to film-forming cores to create more uniform deposition on the electrode surface.”

Wildcat has validated the performance benefits of SuperFilm™ with a variety of cell chemistries and voltages, including both standard and Ni-rich NMC (4.45V), LCO (4.35V), and LMNO (4.9V). Both room temperature and high temperature cycle life results were improved in all cases.

Mark Gresser, Wildcat’s CEO, added "Electrolyte development is a great fit for our unique high throughput method and is a rapidly growing part of Wildcat’s business. The discovery of SuperFilm™ was enabled by our ability to rapidly perform thousands of electrolyte experiments and efficiently analyze those results.”

Wildcat is interested in licensing SuperFilm™ and/or optimizing it for specific customer applications via joint development agreements. Additional details are available in a white paper on Wildcat’s website at: www.wildcatdiscovery.com/whitepapers.

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