Gilad&Gilad Gambles on Las Vegas

Gilad&Gilad, the health science company is presently relocating its headquarters to Henderson (a suburb of Las Vegas), Nevada, expecting growth of its dietary supplements products, AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM), for nerve health.

Henderson, NV, February 28, 2017 --( Gilad&Gilad, a health science company with unique competency in neuroscience, announced today that it is presently relocating its headquarters to Henderson (a suburb of Las Vegas), Nevada. The move is an important step in the company’s investment in the development and marketing of its agmatine-based supplements.

“The relocation to Nevada, a business-friendly state with a saner housing market, will allow the company to allocate more resources to the marketing efforts of our signature supplements products, AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM), targeting nerve health,” said Dr. Gad M. Gilad, CEO of Gilad&Gilad. “And at the same time, we will be able to continue our investment in clinical trials aimed at substantiating additional indications for promoting healthy bodily functions.”

While undergoing conversion from California to Nevada by the end of February this year, the company will continue to maintain its contract manufacturing in California. “We prefer to continue working with our long-time manufacturer with whom we have established good relationship, rapport and trust. Additionally, our new location in Henderson, Nevada is close to South California where our CMO is located. We can therefore, assure our customers that the highest quality they expect of our products will be absolutely maintained,” indicated Gilad.

About Gilad&Gilad*
Gilad&Gilad is a privately owned, health science company with unique competency in Neuroscience. The principal mission of the company is to provide evidence-based safe and effective products of superior quality for healthy bodily functions. The Company was founded by Dr. Gad M. Gilad and Ms. Varda H. Gilad following years of collaborative scientific research and based on their breakthrough discovery of the neuroprotective properties of G-Agmatine®, Gilad&Gilad's proprietary brand of agmatine. The Company has developed the exclusive For-Nerve-Health(TM) product line and markets the first-of-kind products, AgmaSet® and AgmaVet(TM), which provide a great health benefit for a large segment of the population. The Company builds its reputation by continuous investment in high standard scientific research and clinical studies, thus earning the trust of healthcare professionals and gaining credibility with the public. - For further information about Gilad&Gilad please visit

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