Apparatus Contractor Services Offers Contractors Back Office Support

The new company brings accounting, payroll, administrative, and marketing services to contracting companies that want to start, grow, and scale to their true potential.

Portland, OR, October 31, 2017 --( Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC is excited to announce their suite of back office services for companies in the contracting industry. Apparatus’ month-to-month subscription-based programs offer critical business services including administrative assistance, accounting, payroll, marketing, and more. The Portland-based company is the first of its kind with a comprehensive digital support solution for contractors. Apparatus plans to offer its subscription services to contractors locally and nationally.

Apparatus is the end-result of a careful examination of the challenges faced by growing contracting companies. The three service programs the company offers today are a testament to Apparatus’ skill for process and service design and their willingness to really try to understand the needs of their contractor clients.

Erin Lehmann, Marketing Manager for Apparatus Contractor Services, attests that “building this company challenged us to resist the temptation to design the services we thought we should offer. Instead, we listened carefully to what we heard contractors tell us they need. We poured a lot of time into refining and testing our programs, and we’re excited about the services we’re now able to deliver to our contractor clients.”

The company provides a series of back office support services on the belief that no contracting business can grow from a weak foundation. Apparatus’ three service programs, Start!, Grow!, and Scale! are available on a month-to-month subscription basis so contractors can begin simply and add more services as their business grows.

- The Apparatus Start! Program™ is intended to set and reinforce a business’s foundation through entity formation assistance, compliance management, document management, and full-service accounting and payroll.

- The Apparatus Grow! Program™ incorporates all the features of Start! and adds business identity and branding as well as opportunities to enhance the professionalism of a contracting business through estimates and full proposals.

- The Apparatus Scale! Program™ incorporates all the features of Start! and Grow! and adds an extensive suite of marketing and client management tools and services.

Apparatus also offers a variety of a la carte services with each service package, including LLC formation assistance, contractor licensing assistance, and notices of right to a lien. Apparatus looks forward to evolving to meet the needs of their growing contractor client base.

About Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC: Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC was designed to power the back offices of small and large subcontractors and general contractors. Their back office services are tailored to the unique needs of contracting companies seeking to start, grow, and scale to their true potential.
Apparatus Contractor Services, LLC
Erin Lehmann