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IndieGo Publishing Announces the Release of "Joy Bliss This: A Teacher’s Journey," by William Quigley

“Joy Bliss This: A Teacher’s Journey,” by William Quigley, published by IndieGo Publishing, is the story of the people and events that have impacted the author’s journey as a teacher. He shares his story with soul-baring honesty, his failures as well as his joys and successes. In doing so, he hopes to provide a better understanding of kids, teaching, and education at a time when communities are struggling to define what makes these great - kids, and the ways we nurture and educate them.

IndieGo Publishing Announces the Release of "Joy Bliss This: A Teacher’s Journey," by William Quigley
Fort Lauderdale, FL, April 17, 2018 --( IndieGo Publishing is proud to announce the publication of “Joy Bliss This: A Teacher’s Journey,” by William Quigley.

“Joy Bliss This” captures the teaching experience through the lens of William Quigley, a man who has devoted his entire adult life to the process of striving for excellence as a teacher. Teaching is an experience we all share because we’ve all been students.

It is a mystical experience. It is art. It is theater. It is athletic. When done right, it engages a child on many levels. It allows expression. It is hard, challenging, difficult, and demanding. There are things about it that you can never quantify. At its worse, it is horrific, pointless, mind numbing, soul draining drudgery. At its best, teaching makes life better. It elevates and gives joy, knowledge, and passion. It lets kids glimpse their best selves, their creative soul, their possibilities.

Mr. Quigley states, “I wrote a book I would have wanted to read at several points during my life -- when I was in college, when I was deciding what to do with my life, when I first started working as a teacher, and after I had been at it for a while. This is a book for and about teaching, but it is not only for teachers. This is a book about life. It’s a lesson book, a searching for excellence book. I am honest about my failures, and I also hope to convey that whatever successes I’ve achieved have been born of really hard work. We are here to love, to make a difference, to learn, and to be better. That’s what Joy Bliss This is about.”

William Quigley’s classroom is where he finds his true calling, fulfilling the purpose of his life: dedication to the art and craft of teaching and making the impact he can make on kids’ lives. Since 1992, at five different schools, in three South Florida counties and at all levels from fifth through twelfth grade, he has been on a journey of excellence as a teacher. Mr. Quigley loves traveling, visiting art galleries, hiking, camping, and being in nature.

“Joy Bliss This: A Teacher’s Journey” is available for wholesale purchase through Ingram Book Distributors as a paperback (9781946824110) and hardcover (9781946824127), and through Amazon and multiple book retailers worldwide as a paperback and an ebook (9781946824134).
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