Principled Technologies Releases a Video Showing How and Why NCSU Students Created a User-Friendly Interface for a New AI Performance Evaluation Tool

Four computer science majors at North Carolina State University (NC State) worked with the BenchmarkXPRT Development Community during their senior project and created an intuitive AIXPRT user interface.

Durham, NC, February 07, 2018 --( The BenchmarkXPRT Development Community is building AIXPRT, a new tool that will accurately report how different devices handle common AI tasks. Four NC State students teamed with members of the XPRT community to create an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to configure AIXPRT and evaluate device performance when running complex workloads.

The Principled Technologies video shows how this collaboration benefits the students, the community, and real-world AI users everywhere. As one student says in the video, “Dreams power innovation by the fact that if you only do things that have been existing before, then you’re not going to create new things. It’s important to look into new frontiers and new ventures.”

To learn more about the North Carolina State University student’s senior project, watch the video at To get the latest news on AIXPRT, check the website at
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Jasmine White