SFATA Uncovers an Epidemic of Misinformation About Vaping

Washington, DC, April 16, 2019 --(PR.com)-- There’s an epidemic of misinformation about vaping in the United States. SFATA, the Smoke Free Alternatives Trade Association, wants to make sure you’re getting the truth – not just the fake facts.

SFATA believes that while the FDA is busy giving adults and teens an epidemic of misinformation, Public Health England, the national health organization of the UK, has truthful data showing that "vaping may be contributing to 20,000 UK smokers quitting every year" – and that about "40% of smokers in the UK still haven’t tried vaping," which means there are a lot more future quitters out there. Source: Public Health England, 2018

Here are 2 truths and no lies from studies done in the UK:

1. "Vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking." Source: Public Health England, 2018
2. "There is no evidence that second-hand vapor harms those around you." Cancer Research UK, 2016.

Here are facts about SFATA so you understand who we are:

We’ve been on record - in our mission statement, in our bylaws and in how each of our hundreds of members conduct business while adhering to our strict Code of Conduct, that we simply will not sell to anyone under the Legal adult age.

We’ve strengthened our position by signing on with IntellicheckTM, so that each of our member businesses can run customer IDs through their advanced Age Authentication system to verify identity and age.

We don’t want kids – not yours, not ours, not any, to vape. Our member businesses never did and never will sell to them.

What we do want is to allow adults who are benefitting from the harm-reduction of vaping to continue to patronize the vapor retailers of their choice; the entrepreneurs and local community businesses staffed by knowledgeable vapor professionals. Most are in the vapor community because vaping has helped them give up their own tobacco smoking habits.

About SFATA: SFATA is the premier and largest vapor and e-cig trade association. The association represents the interests of the entire supply chain, including manufacturers, online retailers, brick and mortar vapor store, distributors, importers, and wholesalers. For more information about SFATA, visit https:www.sfata.org and follow SFATA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

SFATA Executive Director: Mark Anton, (973) 252-4326
SFATA Media and Public Relations: Amy Krakow, 212-587-0540
Mark Anton