Deviceworx Technologies Inc. and iLink Systems Inc. Sign Partnership Agreement to Create All-Inclusive IoT Solutions

Deviceworx Technologies Inc. and iLink Systems Inc. Sign Partnership Agreement to Create All-Inclusive IoT Solutions
Comox, Canada, May 08, 2019 --( Deviceworx Technologies Inc. (Deviceworx), an Internet of Things (IoT) focused device-centric engineering firm, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with iLink Systems Inc. (iLink), a systems integrator that has extensive experience in developing and deploying cloud-based IoT solutions. iLink creates application-specific solutions supporting Data Management and Analytics and offers deep expertise in Enterprise Information Management (EIM) that encompasses services like data integration, Reporting and Dashboarding, Metadata Management, Data Quality Management, Advanced Analytics and Big Data Integration.

Deviceworx complements iLink capabilities with an extensive experience in building application-specific IoT devices and device-resident software or firmware to collect, precondition and filter device data, perform IoT edge device analytics and transfer the data to the cloud via hard-wired and wireless links. Deviceworx solutions can run in virtually any environment including locations where wireless communications is exceptionally challenging including factories, refineries, mines, mills and other indoor or outdoor industrial areas. Deviceworx and iLink will each pursue IoT opportunities with customers and work together to create custom solutions.

Sree Balaji, CEO of iLink Systems said, “We are very excited to partner with Deviceworx as they bring in the hardware and solution expertise in the areas we are looking to grow with our IoT offerings over the next few years.”

“Deviceworx is thrilled to be partnered with iLink Systems given how well we complement each other's capabilities. Deviceworx built hardware can collect, filter, preprocess and then forward to the cloud data used within a variety of IoT applications. iLink can then apply expert data analytics support to collected data,” added Mark Janke, CEO of Deviceworx.

About Deviceworx Technologies Inc.
Deviceworx is a privately held; Vancouver Island based engineering company in Canada. The Deviceworx team has been working together for almost 20 years with experience in a variety of verticals including retail, biomedical and industrial. The Deviceworx value-added approach ensures that solutions developed for a customer not only meet immediate requirements but are well positioned for future enhancements. This approach has led to many customers sole-sourcing Deviceworx for multiple product revisions.

About iLink Systems Inc.
iLink Systems Inc, headquartered in Bothell, WA, is a Microsoft Managed Gold Level Partner, Software Solution Provide, Systems Integrator and Licensing Partner with ISO 9008 and CMMI Level 3 certifications. As a trusted technology partner, iLink delivers next-generation solutions around IoT, Digital Transformation, Data, AI, Machine Learning and Managed services to customers across key verticals like Manufacturing, Banking, Retail, Comm Sector and Healthcare. iLink has offices in Houston, TX; Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA Fairfax, VA; Chennai, Pune, Trichy, Noida – India, Malaysia, and the Middle East.

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