Kidini Karate is New on Amazon; Back to School Bully Prevention for Kids 3-8 Years Old

Kidini Karate® helps parents teach children to be aware, avoid, and self-defense escapes and empowers very young children with knowledge and courage to escape bullies and child predators. Kidini Karate® introduces to the professional educators of very young children, a detailed educator’s manual researched by the University Of Delaware Department of Research titled: Helping Children Develop Self Protective Skills.

Kidini Karate is New on Amazon; Back to School Bully Prevention for Kids 3-8 Years Old
Claymont, DE, July 19, 2019 --( Read The Stories -- Sing the Songs --Learn Safe Escapes
Bully Prevention; Home; Vehicle and School Bus Safety; Playground Safety; Recognition and Avoidance, Realistic Age-Appropriate Self-Defense Escapes from Bullies and Child Predators.

This program has been researched by:
The University of Delaware Department of Education Research
For Pre-school, Kindergarten, and Elementary Schools.

Kidini Karate Educator Kit Includes:

Kidini Karate Bully Prevention Self Defense Escapes Teacher Manual
Kidini Karate Parent & Child Bully Prevention Child Safety Book
Kidini Karate Stories and Music CD
Kidini Karate Team Member Award Certificate
Kidini Karate Team Characters (8) Award Certificates

Children are introduced to eight (8) friendly characters, each one uniquely skilled in recognizing, avoiding and escaping troublesome or dangerous situations. Through individual character lessons and easy to sing-a-long songs, children will be guided through the steps each member must take to stay safe.
Kidini Karate
Michael Ray Graves