World’s First Turbine JetPack Soars Over Sydney Opera House; David Mayman Returns to Make Triumphant Flight in Sydney, Australia

World’s First Turbine JetPack Soars Over Sydney Opera House; David Mayman Returns to Make Triumphant Flight in Sydney, Australia
Los Angeles, CA, July 26, 2019 --( Australian adventurer/entrepreneur David Mayman made a triumphant flight in front of the iconic Sydney Opera House splitting the sky with his JB10 JetPack, powered by customized, twin turbine jets and ten years of development.

The former business consultant and self described aviation fanatic made his first attempt to fly across the Sydney Harbor nine years ago strapped into a self-built hydrogen peroxide powered rocketbelt. That flight ended with Mayman hurtling into the harbor but even more determined to succeed. Like the engineers and astronauts of the NASA Moon Program who inspired him as a young boy, David was laser focused on the future and achieving success. Undeterred by his crash, Mayman assembled a team of brilliant designers and dreamers who spent countless hours testing, adapting, and re-testing various flying configurations, all funded personally by David.

Then in 2015, the JetPack crew created the JB9 – the world’s first practical turbine powered JetPack. The JB9 received Federal Aviation Administration approval to make a public flight around the Statue of Liberty and the world of personal flight was changed forever.

“I always believed we would succeed, even when the project looked hopeless,” said Mayman after his Sydney flight. “I had complete faith that our group of talented and creative engineers would solve the problems that had plagued earlier inventors for decades. It was just a matter of hard work, perseverance, and a non-stop belief in the dream.”

The Sydney flight is also the culmination of a multi-year documentary feature film production titled “Own the Sky.” The just released feature documentary, written and directed by Australian filmmaker Gregory Read of Paper Bark Films, captures the twists and turns of Mayman’s twelve-year tumultuous journey through failures to success. AACTA and Emmy® Award winning producers Marcus Gillezeau; Ellenor Cox of Firelight Productions provided unwavering support and guidance throughout the nearly decade long project.

Never one to sit still, David Mayman and his US based JetPack Aviation company is already working on the next barrier-smashing personal aircraft dubbed SPEEDER. “The SPEEDER is like a jet-powered flying motorcycle, capable of Vertical Take Off and Landing,” said Mayman.

“It will serve First Responders, aid doctors and hospitals, and provide crucial support for military rescue. A Jet Powered flying motorcycle that will save lives! How amazing is that?”

JetPack Aviation is now offering a new JetPack Pilot training program, accepting bookings for Entertainment and Sponsored flights, and is developing the SPEEDER.

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