Bleuet Introduces “This Bra Gives” Bleum Bra in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

15% of Each Pink Bleum Bra for Tween & Teen Girls Purchase Donated to Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Fund.

Bleuet Introduces “This Bra Gives” Bleum Bra in Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Los Angeles, CA, October 02, 2019 --( Bleuet, a new direct to consumer startup creating undergarments designed to give tween and teen girls all-day comfort and confidence in their growing bodies, introduces its “This Bra Gives” Bleum Bra in light pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With each purchase, Bleuet will donate 15% to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Treatment Assistance Program, which removes financial barriers for women struggling to afford life-saving breast cancer treatment and medication.

Many women facing cancer today postpone or terminate their cancer treatment due to the immense financial burden on their lives. To give these women a higher chance of survival, the Susan G. Komen Treatment Assistance Program provides financial assistance, education and support services to low-income, underinsured or uninsured women undergoing treatment for breast cancer across the country so they can complete the full course of treatment. To date, the program has helped nearly 30,000 patients since its inception in 2003.

A recent survey by the CancerCare Patient Access and Engagement Report of 3,000 cancer patients demonstrated the financial burden of those receiving treatment.

38% of respondents postponed or did not fill a prescription

31% cut their pills in half

21% missed a utility bill

17% missed a rent or mortgage payment

“It’s shocking to learn that many women have to choose between putting food on the table and life-saving breast cancer treatment. Many can’t afford to pay for transportation to and from the doctor,” said Elizabeth Rietz, CEO & Co-founder of Bleuet. “It’s important for us to do what we can to give them access to their treatment and help them focus on getting better.”

To support this cause, Bleuet’s This Bra Gives Bleum Bra in light pink, a new color in Bleuet’s collection of its bras for tween and teen girls, will give to the Treatment Assistance Program. Made with minimal seams for itch-free comfort, the Bleum Bra in light pink is reversible with toffee (a neutral beige) on the inside. With girls’ active lifestyles that often include play, sports, freeze tag, dance, cartwheels, P.E., Bleuet bras are designed to be durable with dual layers for extra coverage and made with soft, breathable, moisture-wicking performance fabric ensuring girls will stay dry and cool without embarrassing sweat stains. 15% of all proceeds of the Bleum Bra in light pink will be donated to the Treatment Assistance Fund through October 31.

Last week, Bleuet announced its first collection of quality, simple and comfortable camisoles and bras – all designed with a young, growing girl’s body in mind. Bleuet (pronounced Blue-A), which means cornflower in French, is a fun, playful brand created initially for all girls ages 7 to 13 as the onset of puberty begins. The company strives to provide a better first bra, training bra and comfortable, everyday bra for girls experience.

The Bleum Bra in light pink is now available exclusively online at Follow @BleuetGirl on social. #BleuetGirl

The company’s fundraising page is:

About Bleuet

Bleuet offers apparel designed for growing girls, giving them confidence in their bodies and the freedom to do what they love. Bleuet supports parents with helpful information and community to raise confident, strong and kind daughters. The company’s mission is to empower girls of all ages through access to education and job training resources as well as investing in young female entrepreneurs. Bleuet is proud to partner with manufacturers who provide safe working conditions and ensure living wages for its workers.
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