Anti-Tarnish Packaging Paper and Film Protects Silver-Plated Parts

Quality and cleanliness are critical in preserving silver-plated parts for the aerospace and electronics industries. Daubert Cromwell's anti-tarnish Silver-Guard™ film and Silver Saver® paper packaging products provide environmentally friendly, recyclable protection.

Anti-Tarnish Packaging Paper and Film Protects Silver-Plated Parts
Alsip, IL, December 06, 2019 --( Being able to see a part through its packaging is important for proper identification and accurate inventory. When silver parts are packaged in Silver-Guard™ anti-tarnish poly bags, handlers can easily see the item without opening the packaging that also protects it during storage and shipment.

Silver-Guard anti-tarnish film from Daubert Cromwell is designed to protect silver and silver-plated metals in industries where quality and cleanliness are critical, such as electronics, aerospace, and automotive. Film is non-dusting, non-toxic, and will not contaminate metal surfaces by leaving particulates or residue. Silver-Guard film will not affect solderability, conductivity or coatings.

OEM-approved for sensitive electronics and instruments, Silver-Guard film is ideal for protecting platinum, silver, sterling silver and gold. It is safe for use in the workplace without special handling. Film is heat-sealable, fully recyclable, and RoHS compliant.

For more information and samples of Silver-Guard anti-tarnish film or Silver Saver anti-tarnish paper, contact Daubert Cromwell at 1-800-535-3535, or send a request to

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Since the 1940s, the Daubert companies have set industry standards in corrosion prevention packaging. Today Daubert Cromwell VCI products are used in automotive, heavy equipment, electronics, aerospace, energy, military, and fabricated metal markets worldwide. Company is headquartered in US. It operates subsidiaries in Europe, China, Brazil and Mexico, with distribution and manufacturing networks in 36 countries.
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Anti-Tarnish Packaging Paper and Film Protects Silver-Plated Parts

Anti-Tarnish Packaging Paper and Film Protects Silver-Plated Parts

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