GenInvo Launch

GenInvo launches to provide innovative and transformative solutions to the pharma industry to help bring life-changing treatments to patients faster.

Bloomington, IL, December 23, 2019 --( GenInvo announced its launch as the go-to partner for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. Its mission is to provide Innovative Technology Solutions to the life sciences industry to enable drugs to be delivered faster, cost-efficiently and with higher quality to the patients in need. GenInvo’s unique combination of expertise in life sciences, leading-edge technologies and software development enables them to provide truly innovative and transformative solutions and services.

Our Leadership Team, comments: "At GenInvo, every day we see the impact of innovation up close. It’s vital for our clients, as it gives them an edge to make the drug development process smarter, faster and cheaper. Thus, for most of our clients, innovation is the central element of their corporate mission and success. GenInvo’s core goal is to support our clients in their journey, working collaboratively to understand the needs of their people, systems, processes and challenges.

"GenInvo’s commitment to the pharmaceutical industry is to address the needs of our clients in innovation and transformation. GenInvo is in an exceptional position to have this dedicated, multi-talented group comprised of business, technology, project management and software development experts. The key to our success is to genuinely understand the business needs/challenges of our clients and in our ability to translate these as requirements and to address them thoroughly in our software solutions."

Shadow™ is a comprehensive anonymization platform, built from the ground up, which enhances the speed of anonymization activity, reduces manual intervention and minimizes risk of re-identification below thresholds. Shadow™ meets the requirements of the GDPR and EMA Policy 0070 while retaining its usability.

The ApoGI software package is an integrated automation platform that leverages AI and ML and puts focus on standards and metadata management to streamline processes and the generation of artifacts typically associated with the clinical study lifecycle.

The software solution to be unveiled is DocQC™, a software package specifically designed for medical writers. Its prime use is in the automation of Quality Control (QC) checks, which have historically required multiple, time-consuming cycles of manual review. DocQC™ enables medical writers to maintain their focus on the science, analyses, and presentation of results. It streamlines the document QC process, automating the execution and reporting of standard checks.

This is an exciting time for GenInvo. Senior Innovation Officer, Thomas Kalfas, says: "As thought leadership of innovation at GenInvo, I am really proud of what we have managed to achieve for the launch of this exciting new venture. We have been working around the clock with our clients within pharma and life sciences to create an array of truly innovative solutions to help speed up the process of drug development."

Over the next few years, GenInvo hopes to become the figurehead of transformative and innovation technology for the life sciences and pharmaceutical industry. To keep up to date with the latest changes and innovations within the company, visit their website:
Lorrie Paxton