Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication is Proud to Welcome New Members

Strathmore's Who's Who Worldwide Publication is Proud to Welcome New Members
Farmingdale, NY, April 21, 2020 --( Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide of Farmingdale, New York is proud to welcome their newest members who will be included in their next edition for their contributions and achievements in the many fields listed.

About New Members
Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide is pleased to welcome their newest members who are now part of the Strathmore Worldwide Directory and online website:

Roxanna F. Limon--Construction
Bernice D. Pierce--Signage
Thomas B. Hofer--Food Regulation Service
Nequetta L. Alford--Nonprofit
Timothy R. Kelly--Industrial Supplies
Cory B. Conley--Aerospace Equipment
Jerome C. Pekas--Photography
Khadijah C. Johnson--Nonprofit/Education
Cassandra D. Mitchell--Healthcare
Ericka Johnson-Allen--Consulting
Jorge N. Matta--IT
James C. Outlaw III--Broadcast Media
M. Carole Jordal--Healthcare
Marian W. Sweeney--Healthcare
Jennifer L. Artressia--Retail/Books
Judy Phelps--Aviation Education
Patty M. Bath--Software, Hardware and System Engineering
Quintin E. Cain--Government
Bryonie A. Gipson--Healthcare
Monte R. Witty--Safety Training
Leslie A. Miller--Healthcare
Yvette A. Melendez--Financial
Gene C. Rousseau--Machinery
Mike DeShazer Sr.--IT
Kirt D. Martin--Hypnosis
Jill LoBosco--Government/Legal
David C. Wessendorf--Engineering
Donald M. McManus Jr.--Oil and Gas
Heather Pajestka--Beauty Products
Andre L. Carter--Broadcast Media
Marcuss J. Young--Technology
Michael R. Bostick--Government/Legal
D.W. Scote Mathis--Nonprofit
Doug Korth--Agriculture
Margie C. VanCleave--Healthcare
Francine H. Moss--Legal
Emmett Anderson--Religion
Nakia Mullen--Healthcare
Jean M. Porter--Education
Shamika Nail--Healthcare
Mary Susan McDevitt--Healthcare Organization
Brian K. Truncali--Legal
Kathy Marie Fonder--Retail/Home Improvement Products
Eugene J. Ruocchio--Transportation
Tony Viglianti--Automotive
Kathryn F. (Kym) Habig--Kitchen Products
Tenzing Tsering--Restaurant
Jeremiah W. Hual--Automotive
John Means Jr.--Air Transportation
Jean M. Brudent--Financial
Georgette J. Craig--Locksmith
Cherno B. Jalloh--Human Services
Barry Loomis--Electrical
Muriel J. Willis--Religion
Leslie W. Craig--Healthcare
Natavia J. Watkins--Defense
Tanya P. Mansour--Healthcare
Shelley M. McCracken-Rania--Government/Housing
Summer T. Sharp--Insurance
Ronald J. Szymanski--Legal
Phyllis L. Phillips-Clower--Woodworking
John D. Esseks--Education
Heidi L. Scarano--Education
Jerold E. Beeve--Healthcare
Shawn D. Payton-Patterson--Education
Amy C. Marlin--Marketing
Terry A. Blake--Education
Frances Miller--Cleaning
Anthony W. Williams--Photography
William M. Bloomfield--Consulting
Sandra L. Ragan--Art
Joseph M. Human Jr.--Martial Arts Education
Lovely J. Houston--Government Healthcare
Kent Jay Mudgett--Construction
Zhaohui Meng--Healthcare
Steven E. Sam--Religion
Laurie J. McCauley-Holland--Education
Bridget M. Jeffries--Human Services
Ann Scarborough--Transportation
John Celusta--Insurance
Rebecca A. Wallach--Community Service
George Marcott--Automotive
Kenneth E. Strumm--IT
Erik Peter Dykeman--Hospitality
Candice J. Gordon--Healthcare
Philip E. Freeman--Government/Legal
Lillian M. Harrington--Financial
Anita Kontoh Scott--Legal
Peggy Murgo--Healthcare
Robert L. Ward--Financial
Lillian M. Harrington--Financial
G. Gilbert Cano--Author
Jeffrey R. Skyberg--Photography
Janice M. Bauer--IT
Patricia Chatmon--Healthcare
Chris Underwood--Construction
Richard Walker--Music Production
Randall G. Gleichner--Healthcare
Ryan D. Richard--Marketing
Richard L. Crowner--Healthcare
Amy J. Tremblay--Beauty
David Kiwanuku Lubega--Healthcare
Steven D. Spratley--Window Treatments
David A. Statz--Research
Chuck O. Bado--Financial Consulting
Jonathan M. Olford--Healthcare
Carlos Y. Romero--Healthcare
Laurel Ann Browne--Astrology
John Hall Jr.--Government
Stephen M. Butterfield--Tattoo
Diane Garate-Lewis--Education
Amanda M. Cryan--Dentistry
John E. Myers--Retail/Textbooks
Scott R. McIntyre--Roofing
Ronnie L. Clark--Religion
Paul R. Murray II--Education
Stephen Hoke--Life Coaching
Norman T. Smith--Commercial Conveyors
Howard C. Alexander II--Nonprofit
Norma Victoria Englund Smith--Nonprofit
Craig L. Osburn--Cleaning and Restoration
Laura M. Dennis--Travel
Nausheen Faruqi--Healthcare
Sharon A. Johnson--Education
Bryan L. Nieves--Automotive Protection Plans
Paul S. A. Rubera Jr.--Beverages
Sabrina J. McCabe--Performing Arts
Keith L. Fisher--Landscaping
Ekan J. Ekong--Healthcare
Jeanette M. Rosolowski--Healthcare
Craig A. Campbell--Education
Richard W. Hixon--Chemicals
Ryan C. Kauth--Education
Rick Scott Lee--Author
Heidi J. Grinder--Retail/Furniture
Ann Abel--Consulting
Shaneak C. Cockrell--Education
David C. Wessendorf--Engineering

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