Trump Immigration Ban 2020: Will It Help to Fight COVID-19?

Alena Shautsova, New York City Immigration lawyer, comments on the newly ordered Immigration ban prohibiting entry of certain immigrants into the United States.

Trump Immigration Ban 2020: Will It Help to Fight COVID-19?
New York, NY, April 25, 2020 --( On April 23, 2020, President Trump's proclamation restricting entry into the United States of certain immigrants came into effect. The proclamation states that in the light of the pandemic and unemployment "...entry during the next 60 days, of certain aliens as immigrants would be detrimental to the interests of the United States." A summary of the ban is available at website.

Alena Shautsova, NYC Immigration lawyer, comments on the proclamation: "It seems that the purpose of the proclamation was to address the unemployment market concerns, however, it fails to do so. It bans, among other categories of immigrants, entry of minor children of the lawful permanent residents or green card holders. It bans entry of parents of the United States citizens who could contribute its free childcare services to the U.S. worker's household and help alleviate stress pandemic caused to workers left without childcare and schools. The entry of the people who went through the system, submitted affidavits of support when filed for their visas and presumably can demonstrate that they are not subject to public charge grounds of inadmissibility would not be detrimental to the United States. The unemployment was not caused by the excessive labor force, but by temporary business' inability to operate due to the pandemic. The consequences of the measures would be immigration backlog and frustration rather than cured unemployment market."

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