Dr. Stephen C. Simms Re-Releases Riveting Books Worldwide in May 2020

A Ph.D of Business Administration has taken the time to fully market his past writings for audiences during the time of the coronavirus in 2020.

Dr. Stephen C. Simms Re-Releases Riveting Books Worldwide in May 2020
Battle Creek, MI, June 03, 2020 --(PR.com)-- This, more-than-eager, author was very excited about the possibility of reaching wider audiences with his family friendly, entertaining, and educational book offerings.

When asked how he came to achieve such great writing triumphs, he leveled, “God blessed me to breakthrough many obstacles and setbacks along the way. Yet, he placed a wealth of friends, family, fans, and supporters around me to bring me to this point.” Frankly, it was remarkable how he’d attended doctoral university, substitute taught in Michigan four days per week, and cared for his sons before his wife returned from work daily. He’d also played piano & drums at church voluntarily; sharing his talents.

It was pleasantly more of the same when it came to Dr. Stephen C. Simms’ commitment to his churches, schools, and communities for over 20 years. He’d worn the hats of a secondary English teacher, College Math tutor, published author, Minister, and inventor of that time span. “It was all about using every gift, season, and opportunity to serve as many people as I could” was his generous outlook. When probed about his favorite released books, he asserted, "These selections are my personal favorites, in this order:

1) G.R.E.A.T Burger Essay Workshop (Nov. 2017) by Dr. Stephen C. Simms.


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A color-coded, "How-To" Essay writing guide written by a seven-year English teacher of Miami-Dade County public Schools, 19-year educator. It teaches Persuasive, Expository and three other essays types to Middle, High, and college students. Teens, dropouts, ESL writers, English teachers, & subpar writers can drastically transform writing 14 weeks, 20 minutes per day.

2) Geo-Shifting: Social Cause Games (2012) by Stephen C. Simms, BS Eng. Ed., MBA, $3.99


After the recent, divisive George Floyd murder in Minnesota in May 2020, after Trayvon Martin and Robert Champion’s untimely deaths, Four Morehouse College gents from Atlanta, Georgia decide to create something extraordinary that brought White, Black, Hispanic, Native, and all other Americans together in a year of Political and Racial upheaval. (Paperback around $15)

3) Beat the Gionni’s: An Italian American Tragedy During the U.S. Housing Crisis by Stephen C. Simms MBA (2015). $2.99 Kindle Version


This book skillfully uses real-life characters to Teach faulty mortgages products, Conserving resources, Budgeting money, Saving, Survival skills, and Coping to teens and adults alike."

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Dr. Stephen C. Simms
Dr. Stephen Simms