BlogPaws Returns; Launches Sister Brand All Pet Voices

The new brand, All Pet Voices, continues the mission to create and share quality content benefiting the pets we love.

BlogPaws Returns; Launches Sister Brand All Pet Voices
Denver, CO, June 16, 2020 --( BlogPaws(C), an online community of pet influencers who create quality pet-focused content in partnership with brands, today announced the launch of All Pet Voices(TM). At the heart of All Pet Voices is a renewed focus to collaborate with pet influencers, pet experts, veterinarians, and brands to create engaging content for pet lovers with a focus on video.

“Having worked with public speakers for the past 3+ years, I know how stories and content create connections, educate, and inspire,” said Chloe DiVita, Co-founder of All Pet Voices. “The pet industry has a need for more video content that educates and informs while keeping the audience engaged. Eventually, we plan to have in-person events for pet lovers to attend and hear from the best voices in the pet industry, but for now, All Pet Voices will focus on elevating the voices of those working tirelessly to bring the finest content to pet lovers everywhere.”

All Pet Voices collaborates with voices from the pet industry to share ideas, innovation, and inspiration about the pets and animals we love. All Pet Voices will continue to develop its library of content with an effort to expand video content for pet lovers and pet parents everywhere. All Pet Voices’ content will take the form of interviews with experts, topic focused video content, entertainment and more.

All Pet Voices works hand in hand with the BlogPaws Community of pet influencers to collaborate on content creation in all forms to bring together pet professionals, pet experts, and pet lovers. BlogPaws returns to its roots providing educational content helping pet influencers and brands grow their reach and strengthen their impact. BlogPaws continues to support the BlogPaws Community of pet influencers and pet businesses.

All Pet Voices launches with the following:

1) Today launches which shares video content, entertaining content, educational content, and collaborative content, including elevating content from other reputable pet sites.

2) Pet Voices LIVE: Tune in every Tuesday at 4:00 PM Eastern on the All Pet Voices Facebook page to learn about pet focused topics such as creating pet art, facts about service dogs, keeping cats active indoors, and the benefits of adding a fish to a home - with expert guests to share their knowledge and experience as it relates to the week’s topic. Past guests have included Kim Van Syoc, Executive Director of Banfield Foundation, and Tina from The Oreo Cat.

3) All Pet Voices Coffee Chats: Tune in every Thursday at 11:00 AM Eastern on the All Pet Voices Facebook page to hear from pet professionals about their passion for what they do to better the lives of pets. Professionals like Beth Miller from WagTown has been a past guest. Upcoming guests include young entrepreneur Ava Dorsey from Ava’s Pet Palace.

4) All Pet Game Night: All Pet Voices hosted the first virtual All Pet Game Night on May 15 with 250 registrants gathering for a fun evening of games and education about the sponsoring brands. All Pet Voices plans to host more events like All Pets Game Night, later this year.

“I've always been passionate about animals and pets. Even from a young age, I wanted to learn as much about them as possible and help them when I could. I had been a part of the BlogPaws Community since starting my blog in 2013,” said Jessica Shipman, Co-founder of All Pet Voices. “When Chloe came to me with new ideas for what BlogPaws could become, I was excited to jump back into the world of pets and help give a voice to the normally voiceless. I was thrilled to be a part of an amazing pet focused community once again, but this time one of pet lovers everywhere. I'm proud to be a part of All Pet Voices as we unite the voices of fantastic pet influencers from the BlogPaws Community with pet experts and pet parents across the world.”

About BlogPaws
Founded in 2009 by three dedicated pet lovers and bloggers, BlogPaws helps educate pet influencers and pet brands how to connect digitally, build their online presence, enhance their social networks and support animals and shelters/rescues across the world. BlogPaws welcomes pet influencers and pet brands eager to reach pet lovers. BlogPaws is a BP Impact, LLC brand.

About All Pet Voices
Founded in 2020 by one of the original BlogPaws Executive Team members and one of BlogPaws first Pet Influencers, All Pet Voices creates content for pet lovers that informs, educates, and entertains. All Pet Voices welcomes all pet lovers who are eager to learn, laugh, and act on behalf of pets and animals around the globe. All Pet Voices is a BP Impact, LLC brand.

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