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MobilDrTech Releases Updated White Paper on Telemedicine Stethoscopes

MobilDrTech, Inc. releases updated white paper comparing telemedicine stethoscopes. The July, 2020 update identifies and compares design, features and cost for the most frequently used real-time telemedicine stethoscopes in the U.S. market.

MobilDrTech Releases Updated White Paper on Telemedicine Stethoscopes
Houston, TX, July 14, 2020 --( MobilDrTech, Inc., a respected vendor of telemedicine equipment and diagnostic devices ( has released an updated version of it's popular White Paper on Telemedicine Stethoscopes. The document identifies stethoscopes most frequently used in the U.S for real-time telemedicine patient examinations. It reviews the history of the development of telemedicine stethoscopes over the last 25 years and compares stethoscope design, features, utility and cost for currently used brands and models.

Healthcare providers are rapidly adding remote teleauscultation to their telehealth and telemedicine programs. The technology selection process can be difficult and confusing. This White Paper is provided as a free service to assist providers in their product research and selection process.

The White Paper explores the evolution of digital stethoscopes used specifically for remote patient examinations. The history of modern telemedicine stethoscopes can be traced back over 25 years to a stethoscope with an analog output that worked directly with telephone land lines. From that point, until today, development of wired and wireless digital stethoscopes has continued at a rapid pace and AI assisted devices are beginning to appear that blur the lines between stethoscopes and other diagnostic and monitoring devices.

The document contains three comparison charts of information on the various stethoscopes that can be downloaded here in landscape format for easier reading:

Full text of the White Paper may be downloaded here:

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