"Where the Briars Sleep" Acquired by Tangled Tree Publishing, Debut Thriller & Chiller Releasing Worldwide July 2021

Tangled Tree Publishing Acquires Gothic, Victorian Ghost Story, "Where the Briars Sleep"

"Where the Briars Sleep" Acquired by Tangled Tree Publishing, Debut Thriller & Chiller Releasing Worldwide July 2021
San Marcos, TX, July 17, 2020 --(PR.com)-- Tangled Tree Publishing is excited to announce the acquisition of Baltimore-based author Emma Beaven and her debut novel, "Where the Briars Sleep." Releasing July 17, 2021 simultaneously in hardcover and softcover editions.

"We found Emma’s book utterly compelling with gorgeous writing and an underlying sense of foreboding and creepiness that perfectly fits the types of titles we look to create," says Tangled Tree CEO and Managing Editor, Becky Johnson. Says Literary Agent Childress, “The detailed imagery and immediate creep factor pulled me in from the very first page, and an end I did not see coming. Tangled Tree is an imprint of Australian-based publisher, “the darker, twisted side of Hot Tree Publishing.”

"She couldn’t imagine being alone in the dark, the wardrobe looming over her, its door creaking, hangers rattling. Anything could sneak up on you in the dark when you closed your eyes. Anything.” - from "Where the Briars Sleep"

Arriving back at her home estate, the first thing Rose does is visit her stepsister Sarah’s grave, taking her younger sister Maggie along. After a forced retreat at the cousins, Rose looks forward to some normalcy and return to routine. Not to mention the unexpected upcoming ball hosted by their elusive neighbors to introduce their son Henry, who has been away. With the oppressive heat and unpredictable weather, Rose and Maggie are caught in a sudden severe thunderstorm. Maggie makes it back before the sky unleashes its fury, but Rose is caught behind. Which she really doesn’t mind, because she loves the rain and the wind and the gardens and could stay outside their stuffy mansion forever. Away from the wardrobe.

Includes themes of nature, romance, family, faith, forgiveness, consequences, and a wardrobe door that never quite shuts which will leave you sleeping with the lights on.

About the author: “I was reading Anderson’s Fairy Tales as a young girl, and I’ve always been fascinated with horror.”

Emma Beaven grew up in a reputedly haunted house on Solomons Island in Maryland. An avid reader and writer of horror since she discovered Andersen’s fairy tales as a little girl. Her love of books followed her throughout her life, as she studied English literature at University of Maryland. From there she has worked at the central Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore for over 15 years, where she is surrounded by books all day. When she isn’t reading or writing, Emma enjoys strolling through graveyards for inspiration. Learn more and read excerpts of "Where the Briars Sleep" at emmabeaven.wordpresss.com.

Created in production with Michigan based production company Childress Ink LLC, with Kim Childress as Literary Agent, and award-winning author and editor Kelly White as Product Developer. Learn more at ChildressInk.com

On sale: July 17, 2021
Publisher: Tangled Tree Publishing
Age Range: YA, Ages 14+, New Adult, Adult Interest
e-book: 978-1-922359-50-6
Paperback: 978-1-922359-51-3
Genre: Gothic Suspense, Victorian Ghost Story, Horror
Subgenre: Nature, Family Secrets, Dark Horror, Afterlife, Faith, Forgiveness, Sin, Consequences, Hauntings, Haunted House, Haunted Wardrobe

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