A Frank and Bold New Book on Purposeful Living "That's Not His Fault: a Down to Earth Approach for Purposeful Living"

A Frank and Bold New Book by Motivational Speaker and Preacher, Ademola Borode Ph.D provides a timely and much needed frank spiritual exposition on issues controlling man's ability to living a purpose-driven and fulfilled life on earth.

A Frank and Bold New Book on Purposeful Living "That's Not His Fault: a Down to Earth Approach for Purposeful Living"
Owings Mills, MD, August 11, 2020 --(PR.com)-- A Daringly Bold New Book on Purposeful Living

The book, "That's Not His Fault: A Down to Earth Approach for Purposeful Living" uses several real life experiences by real people and biblical scenarios to expand upon, and analyze strategies by which we can avoid many of life’s pitfalls that prevent people from living up to both divine expectations and their own expectations and from having a goal oriented Christian living.

This book talks about how to deal with laziness, procrastination, negative attitudes, unfriendly friends, inability to take responsibility for actions, tithing, curses, hearing the voice of God, being a master over your words, hard work and diligence, and how these affect our daily lives and existence on the earth.

Dr. Ademola Borode writes to let us see from a biblical point of view how we must take responsibility for our actions and for some of the problems in our lives, instead of casting the blame on others or the Devil as most people usually do. This is because we are the ones who must face and answer for the repercussions of things we do before God and Man.

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This book answers important questions as:

* Is every negative thing which happens in our life completely a result of the Devil’s activities or do God and ourselves have a part to play in them?
* What should we do to make the best of our time on planet earth?
* How can we make the maximum impact on this earth based on Godly principles?
* How can you avoid and overcome some of the pitfalls that keep people from living a purpose driven and fulfilled life on earth?

"That's Not His Fault: a Down to Earth Approach for Purposeful Living" should be on the bookshelf of every person, whether Christian or Non-Christian. It is available at leading booksellers and Christian bookstores all over the world as an e-book and in Paperback and also on the author website at https://ademolaborode.org.

Ademola Borode is a former University Don and Scientist, now an ordained Pastor, and Motivational Speaker. Contact him via email @ vision@ademolaborode.org, tjnike2002@hotmail.com, visiontitles@outlook.com
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