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One Click Contact Tracing: GroundLevel Insights Releases Free Tool for Restaurants & Retailers to Collect Customer Data for Contact Tracing

Many small businesses across Canada are struggling to collect and maintain the required contact tracing data to meet local government regulations. GroundLevel Insights has developed a simple QR-based tool to ease the burden on these businesses and to do it for free.

Toronto, Canada, September 09, 2020 --( Today, GroundLevel Insights, a Canadian technology, announced the launch of a free tool for small businesses to capture customer data needed for contract tracing. This is another way GroundLevel is leading the way in a sector under pressure to make quick pivots in the time of COVID to help restaurants, retailers, and other service industries ensure they can continue with their offerings while instilling confidence in consumers. The service will be free for all small businesses in Canada from now to the end of the year and just $30/month for those that still need it come January.

The company’s latest COVID solution addresses challenges businesses are facing. As reported by City TV on August 5, 2020 “Contact tracing is fraught with problems,” as small restaurants and retail businesses struggle to survive, collecting and managing data is one more problem. Security experts have been publicly reinforcing this concern, noting “Restaurants are not in the business of securing data and protecting it.” GroundLevel Insights, easy to use QR Code contract tracing tool makes it easier for small businesses to be able to meet government rules and to address concerns like privacy and protection, ease of use, and ability to be quick to act while reducing operational complexity. All data is collected and stored securely and automatically deleted after 30 days. Businesses can request data be sent to their local health authority in the event a positive case has been identified at their establishment.

Asif R. Khan, Founder and CEO of GroundLevel Insights shared, “In talking to our customers we heard they were struggling with the best way to track and store customer data. Most small businesses have been using a notebook and pen and paper or manually typing in a customers information. It works; however, it puts additional pressure on their employee resources and if a positive COVID case is reported, it isn’t easy to access and contact potential infected customers. Additionally, almost none of the businesses have a protocol in place for managing the customer data. We are proud to be able to offer a free solution that is super simple. All a small business needs to do is register with us to have their own company branded QR code created. The QR code links to a branded mobile site where customers can register their name and contact information, that can be easily accessed and shared with Health authorities if need. The free service meets all regulations by province and helps to keep customers safe and healthy.” As an added bonus, users will get a one-time view of the GroundLevel Insights “Audience” data for their specific business. This helps companies understand where their customers come from, how often they visit, and where they go before and after visiting their business. This kind of insight can greatly help businesses identify cross-promotional partners and inform marketing spend.

The Vancouver Art Gallery has recently launched the GroundLevel Insights tool to help them meet provincial guidelines, ensuring customer security from a health and data perspective. “Since the Gallery reopened, we have put procedures in place to ensure that we are safe for all our members, visitors and staff. These measures include capacity restrictions, timed ticket entry, mandatory use of masks, increased cleaning, additional hand sanitizations station and the contract tracing app provided by GroundLevel Insights,” shared Larah Luna, Director of Marketing & Communications at the Vancouver Art Gallery. “The contract tracing app is easy to use – it has become an additional and important part of our health and safety protocols to help ensure that everyone can have a safe and enjoyable art experience.”

Founded in 2018, GroundLevel Insights originally served the emerging cannabis retail market helping the sector make informed business decisions through consumer mobile location data. Because GroundLevel’s platform was built around responding to the high degree of regulation the cannabis sector adheres to, it was an easy pivot to help all businesses make sense of the government standards for reopening in the COVID-19 reality. This is the second product GroundLevel insights has launched to help small businesses following on its already successful tools for capacity monitoring and face mask compliance during a difficult time.

Any small business in Canada can sign up for the free service by visiting:

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GroundLevel Insights is a proprietary artificial intelligence platform rooted in tracking the physical movement of customers by aggregating anonymous, privacy-compliant data and giving clients the intelligence on both their customers and competitors - always keeping them in a position to grow, respond and win. GroundLevel taps into data from CCTV cameras, thermal sensors, social apps, maps, weather, gender, age... no significant data link was left out. The powerful dataset includes terabytes of information lassoed into an elegant, customizable dashboard that allows for bespoke insights. GroundLevel gives users the ability to export data for propensity models, marketing insights and COVID-compliance, and allows for integration with an ever-growing number of POS systems, apps and CRMs for analytical decision making.

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