Helping Students Get Into and Through Physician Assistant School Seems to Have Gotten a Little Easier Thanks to This New Company

The number one most subscribed video producer of PA related content in the world, Adanna Hackett, PA-C (Adanna The PA), has partnered with the industry leading producer of test prep and question banks, Dr. Adam Rosh (Rosh Review) to create a unique and exciting online platform called, Get That C University to help Pre PA Students and PA Students get into and through PA School.

Helping Students Get Into and Through Physician Assistant School Seems to Have Gotten a Little Easier Thanks to This New Company
Columbia, MD, October 06, 2020 --( Get That C University (GTCU) is a one of a kind, exciting new platform that uses Masterclasses and other resources to help Pre PA Students and PA Students get into PA School and get through PA School.

On this site Pre PA Students will have access to videos that will help them on their journey of getting into PA School. Virtual Shadowing, Mock Interviews, and 30 day Attack plans are just a few of the video resources this platform will provide to help Pre PAs be thoroughly prepared to apply to PA School. PA Students will have access to a different set of videos to glean from which include, Preparing for Clinical Year, Case Studies, Writing the Perfect Resume, and even more exciting for PA Students is that GTCU also includes videos to help them learn Medical Spanish, Financial Management, and even videos to aid in how to deal with their own Mental Health while in PA School.

Typically if a person wanted help in learning Medical Spanish they might have to pay $150.00 for a class, or if they wanted to get virtual shadowing they might pay $50.00, or if they wanted to get help with understanding anatomy they may pay someone $80/ hour. After a while all of these things add up, and you find yourself paying a lot of money to get help in various different areas of the PA School process. However Get That C University charges one annual fee of $199.00 and that includes access to all of their content. This is truly unheard of. All of the content mentioned above and more is offered at the same price as if you just paid for one of them. Additionally, GTCU produces content non-stop and brand new content is put on the platform regularly. For those who are first to become members of the site once they officially launch Sunday October, 11, GTCU will be offering a limited time price of only $99.00. That's 50% off for access to all of their content for the entire year. Incredible.

GTCU is also partnering with some other companies such as Rosh Review, Picmonic, and more to offer GTCU members exclusive discounts. For a separate fee, GTCU offer's access to their team of personal Pre PA coaches to provide personal, one on one help for students to help with their specific situations to help best prepare them for applying to PA School.

When asked the CEO, Adanna Hackett, PA-C why she wanted to start this platform she states,

"I feel it was a natural progression from the content I produce on YouTube to help Pre PAs and PA Students along their journey. I noticed that YouTube provided a space for those who are curious about the PA profession, but there needed to be a space for those who are serious about getting into the PA Profession, and that is why I started Get That C University. I believe there needs to be more Physician Assistants in healthcare and so I want to help those who were once curious, and are now serious, to get that C (certification)."

The Senior Partner at Get That C University is Dr. Adam Rosh, the CEO and founder of Rosh Review. This partnership seems to be an absolute perfect match. Through the GTCU platform members will have access to exclusive discounts for Rosh Review services, and will even get to experience numerous live events, and Q&A's featuring Dr. Rosh Live as well as Adanna and other special guests.

Get That C University seems to be preparing for a huge splash in the PA Prep market and will most certainly be a leading online resource for all those who want help either getting into PA School, or getting through PA School.

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