Mobiblade: Next-Gen Programmatic Marketing Agency for Financial Companies

Mobiblade offers combined advanced marketing AI technologies like Double Click smart buying with a wide range of branded placements: from popular apps, websites and games to all the top online media.

Mobiblade: Next-Gen Programmatic Marketing Agency for Financial Companies
Limassol, Cyprus, October 08, 2020 --( Nowadays, financial companies have specific marketing needs in a highly volatile and competitive environment.

- How to attract new clients, get them interested in your brand and turn it to their favorites?
- How to make your ads as visible as possible against the competitors’ banners and show them only to extremely targeted users without overpaying for ineffective actions?

Answers to all these questions are realized in the best Mobiblade practices, which are hardly used in full by any other marketing agency specializing in the financial sector:

Programmatic media buying is the automation and optimization of ad placements, ranging from in-depth audience selection according to the most specific criteria, to gradual cost reduction through a smart net of sites, excluding those that bring the least effective result. Mobiblade takes over the concept development of the entire advertising campaign, creatives creation (including animated ones), and large-scale Direct Media Buying in TV financial or news media, and also gaming, entertainment, educational, and travel portals. Platforms are selected depending on the product you currently want to present to the market. What is more, you can advertise in a modern audio format, covering most popular mobile music services with multimillion audience with pre-recorded promo message.

- Programmatic. One of the most progressive Mobiblade tools worth talking about is Double Click by Google with flexible customization, two-layer retargeting capabilities and launching a multi-step media storytelling campaign. All while lowering overall costs and continuous AI-driven optimization. The impressive campaign performance is also achieved through advanced retargeting capabilities.

- Paid PPC ads in local search engines such as Google, Yandex, Baidu, Sogou and Bing.

- Mobile app advertising, including games. Case study: Mobiblade launched a campaign focused on increased app downloads of a game using Baidu&360 in China. They achieved an impressive click-through rate of 35%.

- Remarketing is a powerful advanced level collaboration with Adroll, Criteo, Facebook Remarketing, Retargeter in the USA and Canada, and Baidu on the Chinese market.

- Social media: in addition to competently managing brand accounts on social networks, Mobiblade goes further, offering account openings and paid up-level ad campaigns in Facebook, WeChat, Weibo, TikTok, Tinder, Viber, Telegram, and Instagram. Cross promo and innovative ad formats will play on your side.

You can also rely on Mobiblade for in-deep Media analytics, turnkey Programmatic Media Buying and digital Chinese market entry, and even global sponsorships. Moreover, cross-platform attribution allows you to get data on the most resultative channel (mobile, desktop, tablet, etc). This makes it easier to optimize user acquisition costs and continuously increase the conversion rate.

The agency itself is the official sponsor of the award-winning "Valkyria" Sailing Team (Cyprus), demonstrating in practice that it is another quality way to increase brand awareness.

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