Linshom Announces European Patent Coverage for the Linshom Continuous Respiratory Monitor

Linshom Announces European Patent Coverage for the Linshom Continuous Respiratory Monitor
Baltimore, MD, January 28, 2021 --( Linshom announced today receipt of patents in five European countries including Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Great Britain. This adds to and expands the current Linshom patent portfolio held in the United States, Canada, Japan, Mexico and China.

The lack of a simple, portable and inexpensive continuous respiratory monitor at the patient’s bedside is a major clinical problem as nearly half of all adverse events in hospitalized patients occur on the general care floor. The vast majority at 75% are respiratory in nature.

The FDA cleared Linshom Continuous Respiratory Monitor (LCRM) is a major advancement as it provides clinical staff an accurate measure of respiratory rate (RR), relative tidal volume (rTV) and minute ventilation (rMV). Tidal Volume is a critical parameter previously unavailable outside of the operating room or intensive care unit. Tidal volume is the amount of air your lungs are able to move with each inhale and exhale cycle.

“This is a major expansion of our intellectual property footprint,” says Linshom CEO Richard Hughen. “We are also filing new patents currently that provide additional layers of protection and extension of time under patent.”

Linshom is currently raising a series A round of funding that the company will use for commercial launch of the LCRM device.

About Linshom:
Linshom is an early stage, privately held, start-up company developing the first continuous respiratory monitoring system able to practically reach the patients’ bedside.

Richard Hughen – CEO

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Richard Hughen