PEPworldwide Announces Global Survey Results of Best 2021 Top Ten Time Management & Personal Effectiveness Tips

Tucson, AZ, February 03, 2021 --( In this challenging time of COVID-19 more people are working from home and challenged by the need to maintain their personal productivity leading to increased stress levels.

According to Lynn Sherman, President & CEO of PEPworldwide in the United States, “Our PEP® TIPS are proven, yet common sense techniques that are applicable to our need to Work-From-Home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One must stick with them for these proven tips and tools to become part of your everyday habits and routines. It’s an investment of your time & energy that will be transformative.
For the past two decades we have surveyed our global partners yearly to learn what they consider to be the best time management & personal effectiveness improvement tips they have identified this past year.”

PEPworldwide’s 2021 Top 10 Time Management & Personal Effectiveness Tips are:

1. When working from home, prioritize your time making sure that you plan self- care and family needs. (Asia)

2. Gather your personal and business tasks in the same system such as Outlook, along with your Emails, Calendar and Contacts. By doing this you will be able to easily move and merge data to all the modes you need to be in charge of your information and activities. (Denmark)

3. Say “Thank you” and people will be eager to collaborate with you. (France)

4. Working from home? Wear the same clothes as you would wear in your office. At the end of the workday close your computer, take off your shoes, change your cloths and enjoy your personal time. (Netherlands)

5. Make time for the important. Don’t try to find time. (New Zealand)

6. If you are procrastinating about addressing a task, take two minutes and put the purpose and value of the task into your bigger picture. (Norway)

7. Don’t believe you are good at Multitasking – Nobody is! Concentrate on one task at a time, complete it, and only then move on to your next activity. (Poland)

8. Make sure you schedule your priorities. (Sweden)

9. When someone writes or says “urgent” in a request, don’t jump on the task immediately. Reply with this productive question “Urgent, by when?” and you should be sure to advise others by when you need information. (Switzerland)

10. Have no scroll bar showing in your Inbox at the end of the workday. (US & Mexico)

PEPworldwide, founded in 1984, is a global training and consulting consortium that has helped over 1.5 million people improve their personal effectiveness and productivity through their PEP® Programs.

Source: Bary Sherman,, 760.807.1400
PEP Productivity Solutions, Inc.
Lynn Sherman