Giraffe Products Ltd. Introduces New Mask That Claims to Kill COVID-19

A new 4 layer, food grade face mask is now available that claims to kill COVID-19.

Giraffe Products Ltd. Introduces New Mask That Claims to Kill COVID-19
Bull Shoals, AR, February 14, 2021 --( The world is suffering the worst pandemic we have seen for many years and although there is hope on the horizon with the various vaccines being introduced, the way we live and work could be altered for many years to come. Social distancing, personal hygiene (washing hands) and wearing masks are all part of the new daily routine. The wearing of masks is proven to reduce the spread of the virus, but unfortunately the ordinary meltblown material mask worn today does little to actually protect the wearer from the virus.

There is now a face mask available that not only protects users from infection, but actually kills the coronavirus.

The new CPE99 patented mask from Giraffe Products Ltd. has been tested in Europe and proven to be 98.55% effective against COVID-19 and testing data to verify is available upon signed and executed NDA/NCA. It’s a 4 layer mask that has a viral filtration efficiency of 99.9%. The test bodies involved included Intertek, Nelson Labs, Taiwan Textile Research Institute and The Open University.
Little wonder sales of this new product are sky rocketing.

The new mask will soon be available in North America where it will first be made available to hospitals, large retailers, airlines and corporations.

It is anticipated that the combination of the new mask and the vaccines being introduced, will begin snuffing out the virus and help the world, business and travel get back to some form of normality in the coming months.
Giraffe Products Ltd.
Peter Phillipson