Free Engineer-Level Training on Electronics Thermal Management

Free Engineer-Level Training on Electronics Thermal Management
Norwood, MA, March 11, 2021 --( Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. (ATS) is providing free monthly webinars to train design engineers on electronics thermal management issues, from the basics of thermal transfer to the use of heat pipes and exchangers. Presented throughout 2021, each live webinar includes detailed visuals and instruction from one or more ATS thermal management experts.

This new ATS series of electronics cooling webinars includes theory and calculative classes, as well as how-to instructions on a range of common cooling applications. For example, an analysis of how heat pipes and vapor chambers work is followed with a class on “How to choose the right heat sink attachment for component packages of all sizes and shapes.”

Any engineer involved with or interested in thermal management will likely find several of these webinars of high value. The full year training agenda is on the ATS website and free enrollments can be made at: []
ATS has provided thermal management webinars for 16 years, reaching thousands of engineers globally. Presented live, attendees can ask questions about their own applications. Each event is also recorded and available post-event.

The thermal management webinars were established by Dr. Kaveh Azar, CEO of Advanced Thermal Solutions, Inc. Says Dr. Azar, “Electronics keep evolving and so do the problems of excess heat that occur with powered devices. We update our classes continually to address current thermal issues and many that are around the corner. Having knowledge of thermal management is a plus for any engineer in nearly every industry.”

Dr. Azar, who presents several of the webinars personally, is a leader in the electronics thermal community. He has served as the organizer, general chair and the keynote speaker at national and international conferences, including events for ASME, IEEE and AIAA. In addition, he has been the recipient of the IEEE SEMITHERM Significant Contributor Award in the thermal management of electronics systems.
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Rebecca O'Day