"Dammit ... It IS Menopause!" Grabs Ten No. 1 Bestseller Categories on Amazon

Local Author, Sally Bartlett, Turns Menopausal Strife into Humor with Nonfiction Journal to Offer Hope, Clarity and Confidence to Women Everywhere

"Dammit ... It IS Menopause!" Grabs Ten No. 1 Bestseller Categories on Amazon
Laguna Hills, CA, March 23, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Sally Bartlett, author of “Dammit ... It IS Menopause! Meditations for Women to Achieve Clarity and Confidence Beyond Their Wildest Dreams, Volume 1,” ranked No. 1 Bestseller in ten categories on Amazon last Friday. The categories included Menopause, Women’s Health, Meditation, Self-Help, Aging, Heart Disease, Humor Essays, Weight Loss Maintenance, Twelve-Step Programs, and Diabetic & Sugar-Free Cookbooks. The book was launched with volume two in January, 2021.

“Dammit ... It IS Menopause!” is a collection of journal entries written over a 15-year period while Bartlett was experiencing perimenopause symptoms including night sweats, mood swings, memory loss, weight gain, depression, anxiety and insomnia. The book is described by the author as lighthearted, yet solutions-oriented, spiritual resource that looks behind the scenes at what many women experience during this phase of their life. It was written with the intent to offer support, hope and encouragement to women suffering with similar symptoms.

“What started as a way to survive my negative self-talk and the way I felt about my changing body became a collection of inspirational daily meditations. During perimenopause, I felt terribly alone and feared I was losing my mind. Through a number of self-loving practices — physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual — I learned to embrace the transition and thrive. I quit dieting, overcame disordered and emotional eating, and made peace with my weight and food. I share my thought-provoking, yet humorous, writings with other women so they know they are not alone and can learn to love their body and their life,” said Bartlett. To purchase “Dammit … It IS Menopause!” or to learn more about the author, visit bit.ly/Dammit1.

About the Author
Sally Bartlett is a professional health coach who has maintained a four-clothing-sizes-smaller body for over 30 years through imperfect self-acceptance without dieting. She’s coached countless clients through menopause on the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual levels in her course, “The Healthy Body Mindset Recipe.” Sally was featured in Idea Fitness Journal, Shape magazine, Center for Successful Aging newsletter at California State University, Fullerton, and radio station 98.7 FM NewStyleRadio (UK). To learn more, visit www.sallybartlett.com or follow her @imsallybartlett on Twitter, or @iamsallybartlett on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

About “Dammit … It IS Menopause! Volume 1”
In this book of daily meditations, Sally Bartlett shares her successful passage through perimenopause and how she’s creating a powerful menopause movement that uplifts and empowers all women. This behind-the-scenes look at several women’s journeys aims to help women change their lives and discover their very own empowered menopause experience. This memoir is written to encourage, move, inspire and bring a little levity to any woman, anywhere on the hormonal transition spectrum. To learn more, visit www.sallybartlett.com.
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