ASTA Releases Contactless Touch Screen for Safer and More Hygienic Touch Screen Experience During COVID-19 Pandemic

ALMEX System Technology Asia Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter known as ASTA) is introducing the Non-Contact (Contactless) Touch Panel Monitor as a safer and more hygienic solution for touch screen monitors to prevent infections like COVID-19. The installation and usage is very simple and does not require any technical skills; can be utilized by almost any industry and business.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 31, 2021 --( ALMEX System Technology Asia Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter known as ASTA) introduces and releases the Non-Contact (Contactless) Touch Panel Monitor. The Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor enables the user to use or operate the machine screens without touching the screen itself with one's fingers because it can sense the movement of fingers and/or hands within 5~25mm from the monitor by irradiating the surface of the touch panel monitor with Infrared Radiation (IR).

This new product can be easily installed to clients' existing touch panel monitors at a reasonable price because it does not require the replacement of monitors or technical skills. The Non-Contact Touch Panel Monitor will be placed on top of and will overlay any touch panel monitors available on the market, it will function and provide an amazing contactless touch screen experience simply by connecting it via USB and power supply.

ASTA has a diverse lineup of touch panel monitor sizes, starting from 19 inches, 21.5 inches, 27 inches up to 55 inches. The client can also custom order a preferred size that best fits their existing touch screen monitor.

People are getting anxious due to fear of infection and there is a higher consciousness on infection prevention due to the COVID-19 pandemic nowadays. The Contactless Touch Panel Monitor is the right solution for companies, business entities and premises which need to reduce this anxiety and to enhance infection prevention for their customers and employees.

Product Line-Up
- 19-inch Bezel Size (428.8W X 354.8H), Active Touch Area (378.0W X 303.0H)
- 21.5-inch Bezel Size (523.6W X 314.6H), Active Touch Area (476.6W X 268.2H)
- 27-inch Bezel Size (644.6W X 380.6H), Active Touch Area (596.8W X 335.7H)
- 32-inch Bezel Size (743.5W X 441.0H), Active Touch Area (697.7W X 392.3H)
- 43-inch Bezel Size (1011.6W X 599.6H), Active Touch Area (965.3W X 523.3H)
- 55-inch Bezel Size (1255.1W X 727.0H), Active Touch Area (1209.6W X 680.4H)

Suitable for
- Installation on ticket vending machines of F&B and public facilities like train stations
- Installation on shopping mall directories and office building directories
- Installation on the POS monitors in restaurants and retail stores
- Installation on hotel kiosks and hospital kiosks, etc.
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