World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation Announces Collaboration with Animal Hero Kids Foundation Prior to the Release of the New Australian Film, Emu Runner

Huntington Beach, CA, June 03, 2021 --( World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (WWMPC) (formerly OTCBB: WWMO) is proud to announce a collaboration with Animal Hero Kids, a kindness education youth empowerment charity (AHK) prior to the theatrical release of the award-winning Feature Film Emu Runner (, with the support of AHK WWMPC hopes to spread awareness for the upcoming U.S. release of the Film, introducing American audiences to this unique family story and to further educate people about the significance of healing through a mutually positive interaction with animals.

Emu Runner is a heartwarming story about an eight-year-old girl who forges a bond with a wild emu as a way to cope with the grief of losing her mother unexpectedly. In addition to reinforcing the special way other animals can help humans manage heartache and loneliness, the story also delves into the modern day complexities of race and social disparities within a community of Indigenous peoples, and is one of the only internationally distributed family films produced in recent times to highlight the difficulties of the Aboriginal experience. Emu Runner offers viewers a glimpse into the life of a community underrepresented around the world, at a time when unity and understanding are needed more than ever.

“As we prepare for the national release of this family film, we’re very grateful to organizations and groups such as the prestigious AHK for their kind support in spreading the word about the upcoming release of the film,” stated Paul D. Hancock, President/CEO of WWMPC.

Animal Hero Kids goals are hailed by luminaries such as Academy Award Winner Joaquin Phoenix and Sir Paul McCartney. The organization has also received praise from former First Lady Michelle Obama who stated “...I thank you and all those who work with you for engaging in the importance of true citizenship...for all that you do in your community, for daring to innovate, for dreaming big, and for finding ways to create a better, kinder tomorrow.”

Animal Hero Kids founder, Susan Hargreaves has been equipping youth with the knowledge to aid all species since 1980. Animal Hero Kids inc. fosters empathy and kindness in children and teens by encouraging and recognizing compassionate and courageous acts that help all species of animals; and offering complimentary, interactive, humane education programs highlighting stories of the rescue and aid of animals in need.

“The cinematic portrayal of mutually, positive relationships with other animals, including a non-exploitive connection are vital to move the public conversation forward to consider all species. We at Animal Hero Kids are cheering for a film like Emu Runner that depicts a sense of caring at this level,” stated Susan Hargreaves, Founder of AHK.

Winner of “Best Australian Independent Film” at a recent Gold Coast Film Festival (Australia), Emu Runner has garnered multiple festival nominations and accolades from around the world and has been showcased at festivals in the UK, France, Poland, Spain, and Brazil. Nominated for “Best Independent Film” by the esteemed Australian Academy of Cinema Television Arts, the Film also received award nominations from the prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (Canada) and the Zlin Children’s Film Festival (Czech Republic).

Due to closures and scheduling difficulties of mainstream cinemas around the country because of the COVID-19 pandemic, WWMPC’s tentative plans include releasing the Film on specially selected screens throughout the U.S. starting in the Fall of 2021.

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