Olympic Gold Medalist, Tatiana Gutsu to Launch Where Dreams Begin, Day of Olympic Games

Olympic Gold Medalist, Tatiana Gutsu to Launch Where Dreams Begin, Day of Olympic Games
Farmington Hills, MI, July 07, 2021 --(PR.com)-- Tatiana Gutsu, Nataliia Isaieva and Alkawther Makki join forces as co-founders of Where Dreams Begin, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to “Empower Children to Succeed.” The incredibly dedicated and passionate trio is working hands-on overtime to launch Friday, July 23, 2021. The first donations of t-shirts, books, and sporting goods are being shipped to Nigeria, Africa; Kharkov, Ukraine; Kiev, Ukraine; Odessa, Ukraine and Michigan, USA. An International Sports and Business Gala, up-and-coming December 2022, is said to honor leaders and heroes for their significant contributions to society.

Tatiana Gutsu: Decorated World Champion, Olympic Gold and European Gold Medalist, Gymnast Coach and now President of WDB, continues to energize her star power across international boards as well as in her hometown state, Michigan. Tatiana’s humanitarian efforts include, “Breakfast with Champions” for St. Jude Hospital’s children facing cancer; she also raised donations for ARC Organization’s children with disabilities. As a coach who specializes in activating perseverance, building self-esteem, and enhancing athletic ability in young gymnasts, she encourages athletes to conquer their fears by challenging their own self. At a very young age, Tatiana decided to leave Ukraine and come to the US to pursue her dreams. After taking Gold, Gutsu believes her greatest mission is to make a global impact in underdeveloped countries, by uplifting children with the “Olympian Will” (a leap of courage and persistence) in all their life endeavors.

In her own words: “I had a dream, I knew what I wanted to achieve, so one day I decided nothing was going to get in my way from making my dream a reality. That’s what it takes to succeed, just have the courage to get up and go for it.”

Nataliia Isaieva: Highly Regarded Educator, with 15+ yrs experience in engaging young students, and now WDB Treasurer, is pioneering a burgeon of pedagogical youth development and communications across the globe. As a child, her dream was to become a teacher, to embrace and motivate unique characters. Nataliia made that dream a reality when she obtained her master’s degree in education in 2006. She later gained an artful and keen understanding of child development when she worked with a diversity of children with varying social backgrounds in Bahrain and further, a multitude of nationalities in the US.

Her heartfelt experience: “The key moment when I realized what it truly means to help, is when I was a volunteer at the UEFA EURO Championship in 2012. There I served as a point of contact fielding questions, translating information, and guiding direction. Most importantly, I ensured distribution of essential resources to the needy. Now my life door has opened because I am helping children across the globe, enriching young minds to be self-sufficient with the power of well-being, unity, and self-awareness.”

Alkawther Makki: Accomplished Author, Poet, Entrepreneur, and now Vice President of WDB is fostering Peace, Purpose, and Prosperity initiatives to nurture underdeveloped minds to grow and thrive as leaders of tomorrow. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, she has been a competent speaker across various roles and social identities. Above all, she holds a strong moral compass and knows how to thrive in a global economy. As a young child, Alkawther struggled to read and write when others her age enjoyed story books. Her relentless work ethic, academic celerity, and creative ingenuity earned her an admirable responsibility.

In a recent interview, Makki said the following: “My linchpin moment was at age 10, when I had the pleasure serving as City Beautiful. There I stood in front the school grounds, dropping a penny in a donation jug on live TV. That role taught me the importance of supporting the less fortunate, and how even a small donation can make a large impact in a child’s life.” As a freelancer, Alkawther is nothing short of a writing engineer in a myriad of genres and subjects; thus draws her inference from real world experiences and attributes her strengths from overcoming weakness in her childhood adversity. Today she leads a superior mind + superior health life motto as a runner and nutritionist. Her published books are reflective of her perspicacity to integrate a mindful and prosperous life potential in children facing life travails.

Libby Hausler: Esteemed Corporate Attorney, gymnast enthusiast, and WDB moral supporter is integrating corporate lines of communications and charity corroboration. Libby has been an avid influencer and hands on supporter of WDB from the ground up. Her energetic attitude to be part of WDB stems from her good nature to contribute to a cause with a sincere motivation to help others-a passionate work ethic when working with individuals.

When asked why WDB was important to her, she replied: “WDB is an organization built on sincere care to uplift children. I have witnessed it for years in TGGA. Tatiana is changing lives with her passion and dedication, and that is very evident when seeing how her students thrive. When they come in and leave with a smile, you certainly know that Tatiana has a deep care and understanding for these growing children, and that is the difference you can’t find in any other gym. I have a firm belief that she will carry these values in WDB.”

To be part of an extraordinary and profound journey in a child’s growth and development, please visit: www.wheredreamsbegin.org

Alkawther Makki, Vice President, Ph: 815 Empower (815) 367-6937, Email: support@wheredreamsbegin.org
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