DataSciencx Helps Hoteliers Get Back on Their Feet with the Latest Tech

DataSciencx Helps Hoteliers accelerate their return with significant returns; DataSciencx Helps Hoteliers Get Back on Their Feet.

DataSciencx Helps Hoteliers Get Back on Their Feet with the Latest Tech
Los Angeles, CA, October 30, 2021 --( DataSciencx is offering hotels new, tech-based options to help increase occupancy rates and provide enhanced guest experience, all of which will boost a hotel’s bottom line. DataSciencx offers hotels new revenue streams coupled with improved guest options for in-room dining after the pandemic took its toll on the hospitality industry.

“We are committed to offering our partners in the hospitality industry customized access to our services to help get them back on their feet,” said Director of Marketing Robert Edwards. “We know that this past year and a half has impacted their bottom line and we are committed to helping hotels and the restaurants that surround them get more guests through their doors.”

During the pandemic, the hotel industry was one of the hardest hit by the shut-downs mandated across the country. It could take hotels until 2023 to see pre-pandemic levels again, according to McKinsey & Company.

To help hotels get back to post-pandemic revenue levels, DataSciencx is offering opportunities for hotels that have no restaurants on property to control and monetize their guests’ online food ordering traffic. This program enhances the guest experience while also creating a new line of income for the hotel. DataSciencx will apply the same online ordering data management techniques to the hotels as they do currently with their restaurant Franchises.

“We will attend conferences and trade shows around the country Las Vegas, NYC, Chicago to meet with hotel owners to hear about their struggles and needs. Our goal is to support where we can so hotel owners can start to get to pre-pandemic guest levels again while also supporting their goals to provide great experiences for their guests,” said Edwards.

DataSciencx is committed to helping within the food and beverage space. With their partnerships, DataSciencx can bring food and beverage services to hotels that need an additional revenue opportunity and service offering to bring more hotel-goers through their door.

The best part is that neither the hotel or the restaurants providing the food have to cover any of the costs. This new approach to steer traffic away from the third parry online ordering companies is disrupting the industry. These third party platforms extract so much of the sale revenue from the restaurants and hotels currently, but DataSciencx is reflecting that revenue flow back to the restaurants and hotels where it belongs.

DataSciencx works right on top of your current PMS/POS systems. No business interruption and no cost to integrate. It’s truly a win/win for all involved.

About DataSciencx:

DataSciencx is an Information Technology company located in Irvine, CA. We empower business owners and their marketing teams to uncover, organize and understand their overlooked, fragmented and untapped data sources. Our goal is to help businesses win more sales by solving the madness of misinformation with powerful data that creates a digital walkway to bring customers through their doors.

As Hospitality Groups and Franchises navigate a post-pandemic world, data will be more important now than ever to reach and attract existing and new customers.
Robert Edwards/ National Marketing Director