The Cure for Narcissism? Evangelist and Heyoka Empath Patrice D’Evans Shares Victory Over Narcissism and Abuse in Her New Book: "Resilient Joy"

As a rare Heyoka Empath, Patrice provides us with a timely and much-needed perspective on the pain and suffering caused by narcissism and jealousy. She shares how she got true victory over abuse by making Jesus the center of her joy. She now lives out her calling which is to help other women unlock their joy and live in their power.

The Cure for Narcissism? Evangelist and Heyoka Empath Patrice D’Evans Shares Victory Over Narcissism and Abuse in Her New Book: "Resilient Joy"
Atlanta, GA, November 10, 2021 --( One year after her one-woman show “Patrice D’Evans’ Resilient Joy,” which portrayed how she overcame physical, verbal and emotional domestic abuse, Patrice has released her autobiography: "Resilient Joy: A Heyoka Empath’s Victory Over Narcissistic Abuse and Jealousy in Family, Career and Church."

Patrice D’Evans’ "Resilient Joy" is the compelling story of Patrice’s life as a Hekoya empath – the highest level and most rare form of empath. Her story begins in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City and continues through her college years, marriage, motherhood and career. She chronicles how she kept her joy in spite of constant attacks and gaslighting and how others can also achieve a life of resilient joy. The story ultimately ends in Atlanta with Patrice being freed of abuse and living out her unique calling as an evangelist and minister to women.

"Resilient Joy" is available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle versions at:

Patrice is in pre-production for an upcoming TV series based on the book.

“I pray that my book, and life story, will touch many lives,” Patrice said. “My book and last year’s one-woman show were launched during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month with the intention of bringing renewed awareness about abuse and to help end domestic violence for children and adults. Many people are victims of narcissistic abuse and gaslighting and they are suffering in silence. I want to show them that there is hope and provide a way for them to live a life of joy – free from the pain of narcissism.”

About Patrice D’Evans
Patrice D’Evans ( is an evangelist, Heyoka empath, minister and professional SAG-AFTRA actress, dancer, producer and author. She uses her signature Caribbean Fusion belly dancing style to reach people and help them bring out their joy. She has been featured in various films, commercials, T.V. shows and theatrical productions. Patrice is a YouTube Content Creator and Influencer with over 10,000 subscribers. On her show J.O.Y. Party TV (on her YouTube channel “Patrice D’Evans”) Patrice helps women “Unlock Their Joy” body, mind and spirit through dance, Bible study, prayer and healing. She offers a J.O.Y. Seekers club on her web site:
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