CT Family Caregivers to Receive Answers to their Questions at Online Fearless Caregiver Conference Dec. 1

For 20 years, Today's Caregiver magazine has been running educational events in Connecticut and throughout the nation. This year's Fearless Caregiver Conference will be held online. The 2021 Connecticut Fearless Caregiver event will be held virtually on December 1 from 10:00am to 1:00pm.

New Haven, CT, November 15, 2021 --(PR.com)-- The Nation's leading media and training organization, Today’s Caregiver magazine (www.Caregiver.com) is hosting the upcoming 20th annual New Haven Connecticut area event (virtually) on December first from 10:00am - 1:00pm. Click to register for this Complimentary Zoom event: https://bit.ly/3H8tdmn

The panelists will include Dr. Beverly Kidder, Attorney Steven L Rubin, Adult Day Services director Alexandra Sadusky, State Ombudsman Mairead Painter, Financial expert Jack Veale, CaregiverHomes State Director Ross Davis, Mobility Innovator David Carson and Veterans Administration social worker Bonnie Cecarella. The panel is designed to answer the questions presented by the caregiving attendees.

“Even though it seems like a long while before we can all be in the same room with one another due to COVID-19, we know how important it is to continue sharing love, support and advice with family caregivers. At the virtual events, like the in-person events, we moderate question and answer forums which allow caregivers to ask questions of direct caregiving experts, including legal, social service, healthcare and Medicare experts,” said Gary Barg, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Today’s Caregiver magazine and FearlessCaregiver.com, author of the books, The Fearless Caregiver, You Are Not Alone and the Caregiving Ties that Bind and host of the Fearless Caregiver Conferences.

Fearless Caregiver conferences have been developed by Today’s Caregiver magazine and caregiver.com in support of family caregivers; answering their questions and teaching them, among other things, to become equal members of their loved one’s care team, develop techniques to create much needed respite, build an effective support network of family and friends, and to learn the importance of caring for themselves as they care for their loved ones.

More than 195,000 family and professional caregivers in 48 cities across the nation, have learned how to be a Fearless Caregiver Advocate for their loved ones, clients and themselves.

What support is there for Connecticut Caregivers? The financial decisions made at the state level have enormous consequences to every family caregiver. Join caregiving experts for the day to learn how these decisions will affect you and what support will be available as you care for your loved ones.

The next stop on the Virtual Fearless Caregiver conference tour will be New Haven Connecticut on December first.

Fearless Caregiver Conference participants will learn:

· What support is available for family caregivers
· Where the money is for caregivers
· Caring for a loved one during COVID-19
· How to partner with their family members
· How to ask questions of healthcare leaders in the area
· How to get a loved one to stop driving
· Share information with their fellow caregivers

Who Should Attend?

· Children of aging parents
· Parents caring for children
· Spousal caregivers
· Long-distance caregivers
· Grandparent caregivers
· Pastoral caregivers
· Volunteer caregivers

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