Clicks and Bricks Announces Interview with Debra Crystal from Epigenetic Scan

Clicks and Bricks announces episode 111 of their podcast, an interview with Debra Crystal with Epigenetic Scan.

Clicks and Bricks Announces Interview with Debra Crystal from Epigenetic Scan
St. Louis, MO, December 23, 2021 --(

The epigenetic scan is a technological device to check the level of carotenoids in your skin, to determine your health. While it was originally the size of four ping pong tables, it can now fit in the palm of your hand. It can determine your overall health and tell you if you need to change how you eat in order to live a longer, healthier life. Carotenoids get into the body through the consumption of brightly colored fruits and vegetables.

Debra and Mary discuss the need to not just lead, but be a better leader. Demonstrate good health habits to others so that they will follow.

About Clicks and Bricks: Clicks and Bricks is a St. Louis based podcast, hosted by Ken Cox, helping small to midsize companies showcase their products and services from all over the US. Ken is a forward-thinking, technology-driven business man. The podcast not only spotlights these growing companies but also seeks their advice about what pieces of technology have worked best for them.

About Debra Crystal:. Debra received her college degree in exercise physiology and worked as a personal trainer and pharmaceutical sales representative prior to stumbling on a chance meeting in an Uber. She vividly remembers that day, as it was a defining moment in her life. She has never looked back and has a deep passion for her product, the epigenetic scan. Tune in to the podcast to hear details from Debra, herself.
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