Aurum Broadens Global Influence with Board of Directors Appointments

Pleasanton, CA, January 20, 2024 --( Aurum Equity Partners LLC, a premier private equity firm specializing in data center and digital infrastructure investments, is taking bold strides in its global expansion with the appointment of four distinguished industry leaders to its Board of Directors. This powerhouse team, comprising experts in technology, infrastructure, operations, and finance, is set to harmonize and elevate the performance of data centers in key regions worldwide.

“With this influential Board in place, Aurum is poised for significant advancement,” announced Venkat Bussa, Chairman and CEO. “Their collective wisdom and influence will play a pivotal role as we build a world-class portfolio and reinforce our position as a leading force in the global data center landscape.”

A Symphony of Expertise:

Kevin Wollenweber, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Cisco: A technology maestro, Kevin orchestrates the digital landscape, ensuring every Aurum data center resonates with cutting-edge solutions and market-leading insights.

J. Skyler Fernandes, Founder & General Partner, VU Venture Partners: An expert in Venture Capital and scaling companies, having invested in 160+ companies, including a number of unicorns, maximizes Aurum's impact capabilities with his keen investment acumen and scaling companies to new heights.

Saeed Al Hamli, Former CEO of Etisalat Egypt and Tech Venture Investor: A global telecom leader, Saeed ensures Aurum's expansion echoes across continents with his leadership prowess.

Shridhar Narayan, Group Director& CEO Infrastructure (Industrial & Logistics) business of Hiranandani group and an impact investor /Mentor for Tech Innovation, Fintech, Healthcare and Cleantech. An operational sage, and a business finance engineering expert, Shridhar optimizes every note of performance, leveraging his expertise in finance and operations to advise and give valuable inputs to each Aurum data center to help them reach their full potential.

As an advisory board member, he brings in enormous experience and expertise thru his leadership positions held across consumer business, financial services, and infrastructure over 23 years.

From Investment to Crescendo:

This diverse board actively guides Aurum's expanding portfolio, ensuring each investment delivers a harmonious ripple effect of value. Their combined knowledge will:

- Identify and secure high-growth opportunities in data center space, micro and mini DC space, managed services, development of smart stacks for optimum delivery to customers in key global markets, composing a captivating melody of growth.
- Expertly navigate regulatory landscapes and secure necessary approvals with confidence, ensuring seamless operations without a missed beat.
- Implement best practices for efficient construction, management, and maintenance of data centers, delivering a harmonious concerto of performance.
- Forge strong relationships with partners and investors to fuel further growth, amplifying the value across the entire ecosystem.

About Aurum Equity Partners:

Founded in 2023, Aurum Equity Partners LLC is a global leader in private equity, conducting business from its headquarters in Pleasanton, California, with additional offices in Dubai and India. The firm targets high-growth colocation, hybrid cloud, and edge data centers across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, creating a symphony of technological advancements and market leadership.

A strategic orchestrator from the outset, Aurum goes beyond investment; acting as a virtuoso facilitator for portfolio company expansion by introducing them to key customers, recruiting top talent, and advising founders and CEOs. With an experienced investment team and a board of advisors comprising industry leaders from Equinix, Cisco, Google, Intel, and more, Aurum leverages its focused data center expertise and global-scale localized execution capabilities to empower both developed and emerging digital markets, ensuring every player in the ecosystem hits the right note.
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