SouthMedic Announces Distribution Partnership with Nano Surgical to Offer Customers the Lumohs Lighted Scalpel Handles

Distribution Deal for the Lumohs MD number 3 scalpel with premier Canadian distributor, SouthMedic and Nano Surgical, Inc. This new partnership with Southmedic allows Lumohs to reach broader audiences of physician customers, giving healthcare providers that use scalpels for any reason, a precision-based tool, removing shadows and visual obstacles, creating a safer hospital environment for vascular access, & minor surgical procedures performed on hard to see anatomy & dimly spaces & clinics.

SouthMedic Announces Distribution Partnership with Nano Surgical to Offer Customers the Lumohs Lighted Scalpel Handles
Delray Beach, FL, May 08, 2024 --( SouthMedic, a leading manufacturer of surgical blades, scalpels and innovative medical devices, announced their partnership with Nano Surgical to become the exclusive master distributor of Lumohs MD no. 3 Lighted Scalpel Handles in Canada.

Lumohs MD no. 3 Lighted Scalpel Handles represent a cutting-edge solution for enhancing surgical instruments by providing shadowless, unobstructed illumination mere millimeters from the operating site. This advancement guarantees improved precision and visibility during any scalpel-based procedure, promoting a safer environment for surgeons, their team, and patients alike.

“At SouthMedic, we believe in finding a better way. Our surgical blades are meticulously crafted for precision and consistent performance, making them the top choice for tissue separation and delicate procedures. We believe that by pairing our blade with the Lumohs lighted scalpel handle, it provides clinicians with a tool that is precise and accurate.”- Lee McDonald, CEO.

Lumohs handles are designed with broad, ergonomic rounded grips that when combined with additional illumination effectively minimize neck, back, wrist strain and fatigue associated with struggling to see and work around any surgical site. Powered by a replaceable battery cartridge, the portable and autoclavable handles are ideal for scalpel-based procedures, ranging from vascular access to skin biopsies to incision of abscesses, in all settings including emergency rooms, hospital rooms, doctor’s offices, and clinics.

“We’re very excited to partner with SouthMedic, the premier distributor in Canada, and to launch our MD #3 re-usable Lumohs handles. These handles, when paired with SouthMedic’s Polymer coated blades will effectively mate superior blades with superior scalpel handles and enable SouthMedic the ability to meet and exceed all their customers’ scalpel needs. Lumohs handles provide additional illumination to the surgical site thereby improving a physician’s visibility and helping to avoid surgical adverse events due to limited visibility,” said Dr. Steven Hacker, Founder of Nano Surgical and inventor of Lumohs. “As the premier distributor in the Canadian market, this new partnership with SouthMedic allows Lumohs to reach a broader audience of customers, giving any healthcare provider that uses a scalpel for any reason, an improved precision-based tool that creates a safer environment for their staff and patients.”

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Established in 1983, SouthMedic Inc. provides innovative medical devices, custom manufacturing, and distribution in over 80 countries around the world. Proud to be recognized as a Platinum Member of Deloitte’s Best Managed Companies. We believe in Finding a Better Way; through the passion, flexibility, and integrity of our people, we provide customer-centric quality products and innovative solutions profitably. SouthMedic’s Dream Statement is “to be the only call customers want to make.

About Nano Surgical, LLC

With over 20 different device utility patents, Nano Surgical LLC is focused on creating surgical instruments that make surgery safer for both the patient and physician, Lumohs is a brand that has become synonymous with elite surgeons. Lumohs re-usable handles are the first of many multi-function instruments Nano Surgical, LLC is launching. Lumohs handles are designed for every specialist and compatibility with any blade size or brand, Lumohs becomes an indispensable tool for achieving optimal visibility and safety in any medical setting. These versatile tools not only ensure seamless adaptability, but also provide a cost-effective alternative for budget-conscious practices. More info at
Nano Surgical, LLC
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