IAQ Technology Breakthrough

Whole House IAQ and Whole House Bathroom Ventilation From a Single System

IAQ Technology Breakthrough
Bradenton, FL, March 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- American Aldes has developed new technology that makes it possible to turn a whole house IAQ system into a highly effective central bathroom ventilation system and vice versa.

The VentZone IAQ System utilizes a whole house Energy Recovery System combined with Zone Register Terminals to remove stale and humid air from the bathrooms at a low volume continuous rate and provides a high volume boosted rate when the bathrooms are occupied. By doing this homeowners are able to recover the energy (heating or cooling) from stale air drawn from the bathrooms to condition fresh air being brought into the home. This technology makes far more sense than sending conditioned air from common areas into an HRV or ERV and having multiple noisy bathroom fans all blowing tempered air out of multiple penetrations through the roof.

This is accomplished by installing automatic self-balancing Constant Airflow Regulators through motorized damper doors in Zone Register Terminals in the ceiling of each bathroom of the home. Each ZRT also contains a micro-switch that tells the Energy Recovery System to boost airflow when the motorized damper opens during the times the bathrooms are in use. By utilizing regulated and balanced airflow controls, homeowners benefit from maximum energy savings, comfort and IAQ improvement.

Even though this technology delivers far greater performance and IAQ benefit than standalone bath fans and an HRV unit bolted onto a furnace, the cost for a complete system with heat recovery for a four-bedroom/three-bathroom 3,000 square foot home retails for only $1,495.

With the new Energy Efficiency standards and codes being introduced (such as ASHRAE 62.2 and California’s Title 24) builders are able to utilize the VentZone IAQ system to meet code requirements, improve performance and save costs by installing one simple system.

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