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Avoiding Steroids and Their Side Effects Should be Component in New Year’s Resolution of Athletes, Law Enforcement and Paramilitary

Unparalleled drug-free gains in strength, stamina and mental performance attainable through natural energetic alternative to steroids and banned performance enhancing drugs providing powerful ergogenic effects rivaling steroids, blood doping and other dangerous performance enhancement techniques while enhancing deep delta sleep, cardiovascular efficiency, cellular repair and mental acuity.

Avoiding Steroids and Their Side Effects Should be Component in New Year’s Resolution of Athletes, Law Enforcement and Paramilitary
Bangalore, India, January 01, 2008 --( While alleged use of anabolic-androgenic steroids, blood doping and other banned athletic performance enhancing substances are ruining reputations in Major League Baseball, the Tour de France, New York City Police Department and military contractor Blackwater USA, elite athletes, law enforcement and military personnel turn to natural solution that substantially improves physical and mental performance, and deep sleep.

Although anabolic steroids increase muscle mass and strength, they invariably do so at the cost of well established physiological complications including testicular shrinking, hair loss, infertility, heart enlargement, increased risk of heart attack, liver complications, skin problems, and poor sleep. Well established psychological consequences of steroid use include irritability, rage, mood swings, mania, depression, paranoid jealousy, feelings of invincibility and poor judgment. Physical and mental traits that athletes, and gun wielding law enforcement and mercenary soldiers should have enough common sense to avoid.

Although news stories about steroid abuse tended to focus on professional and world-class athletes and recently police departments and paramilitary contractors, according to the current Monitoring the Future survey 1.3 percent of eighth graders, 2.3 percent of 10th graders, and 3.3 percent of 12th graders had used steroids in the past year. Surprising statistics that should cause great concern to parents of scholastic athletes.

EarthPulse Sleep on Command™ developer Paul F. Becker “While sleeping pills, and steroids and other performance enhancing drugs act on particular physiological processes only, EarthPulse™ is a nightly regimen that infuses pure energy into every cell in the body and brain, providing improved efficiency of all cellular and neurological processes simultaneously, while substantially improving sleep, recovery, strength and stamina. Since it is designed for nighttime use it takes absolutely no effort at all.”

Recently the company’s technology contributed to a perfect - all Gold Medal - performance in the 2007 FINA World Cup of Swimming, gained and successfully defended a Championship Belt in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championships), contributed better sleep and performance in U.S. Military Special Forces, increased strength, stamina and overall athletic performance in dozens of top ranked amateur and professional athletes, and to better sleep and academic performance in student non-athletes and chess competitors.

Nate Morrison, Editor-In-Chief of Military Fitness Magazine ( and Sergeant in the elite Para-Rescue division of the U.S. Air Force said during an interview with Super Human Radio ( the world’s first broadcast radio show dedicated to human performance, hardcore strength, fitness and nutrition, that EarthPulse™ had increased his energy output, improved his recovery and sleep, as well as his mental clarity and focus. Morrison said, “For a guy like me that has to make a lot of split second decisions, whether in the middle of free fall, taking a long shot, or while adjusting to altitude, EarthPulse™ makes all the difference. Its definitely a force-multiplier”, a military term for dramatically raising combat effectiveness. U.S. Military in Iraq hand out sleeping pills and then expect personnel to wake combat ready on a moments notice. Life threatening circumstances that Blackwater and families of combat zone military personnel should recognize.

Super Human Radio’s host Carl Lanore a long time strength athlete tested EarthPulse™ after a particularly taxing 6 month period where he had not been sleeping or training well at all. According to Lanore he’d “suffered through a severe endocrine crash”. Lanore’s review ( points out that studies have shown this type of technology stimulates increased hormonal growth factors and that a study performed by NASA indicated this type of technology could be considered an anabolic - anti-catabolic agent. Other studies suggest this type of technology increased anti-oxidant activity in the body by several factors. Lanore’s sister who was suffering migraine headaches, depression and sleeplessness used EarthPulse™ with excellent results as well. Lanore stated “EarthPulse™ delivers on every claim it makes, and then some. During sets of free weight squats, it felt like I had bigger lungs”.

Becker continued, “Our technology provides distinct advantages over steroid use and sleeping pills. Not considering long term side effects, two athletes weigh 190 lbs each and can bench press 300 lbs. One goes on anabolic steroids, his weight balloons to 220 lbs.; he sleeps fitfully, experiences changes in temperament, though his bench press increases to 350 lbs. The other goes on EarthPulse™ at night under his mattress, he sleeps better than ever, recovers better than ever, his cardio-output increases dramatically, he maintains his body weight at 190 lbs. but bench presses 340 lbs. Unless you’re an American rules football lineman, the vast majority of athletes would prefer to be the guy that is stronger as a relation to body weight. Meanwhile better sleep, increased stamina, improved aerobic recovery, cardiovascular efficiency and enhanced mental acuity are in a class by themselves.”

A year ago the Company discovered exposure to their patented electromagnetic system raised saturated blood oxygen as much as 2% during the first 8 hours of sleep vs. hours of training over several days on any number of expensive, bulky hypoxic (altitude) training systems. After two weeks of simply sleeping with the device, gains in SAO2 can be as high as 6% at altitude. Unlike hypoxic and altitude training aids, oxygen related effects linger for weeks. The Company’s U.S. Swim Team member was able to hold his breath 20% longer than at any time in his life after just 6 weeks of nighttime use. Unexpectedly, he was able to pull himself underwater 50% further on one breath. Efficiency of O2 burn and ATP production by the mitochondria is up regulated substantially. The effect is unprecedented in the scientific literature making altitude training systems and EPO blood doping obsolete.

EarthPulse™ is completely passive requiring no effort besides turning it on. Athletes receive a substantial yet covert advantage without compromising a single minute of their lives. Stamina increases at twice the % rate of peak strength while stiffness and workout-related soreness are cut by 80% (or more), so workout intensity can be increased without fear of breaking down. Nagging injuries fade, while hand-eye and motor coordination is improved due to more efficient neurological signaling. Absolutely nothing can come close to the full range of physical & mental performance enhancing effects that have become routine for the Company’s clients.

Long-term use has monumental career extending potential. If you want to compete with 20 year olds at 40 or 50, EarthPulse™ is clearly the only solution on Earth. Becker concluded, “If an athlete is close to thinking he may have reached the point of retiring gracefully, my technology will give them at least a couple of extra seasons if not more, completely drug free. I’ve got avid runners in their 50’s and 60’s running better times than when they were 45. There is no reason to believe that athletes reaching the end of their pro careers can’t find themselves back at the pinnacle of performance, or close to it. My device is a player’s best defense against age related performance deficits”.

The patented EarthPulse Sleep On Command™ programs emit sequences of electromagnetic fields at frequency-specific tempos throughout the night that gently tune down the mind and body enabling just about anyone to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer and recover far better than what would be considered normal. Enhanced Delta-stage sleep results in more efficient hormonal cascading. More and more athletes are finding that better sleep, more O2 and more efficient mitochondrial ATP production equates to unheard of gains in performance and personal records within a few weeks.

To learn more about this truly remarkable performance enhancement, recovery and anti-aging discovery, call the inventor or visit the company website where you can browse an extensive database of pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) study abstracts and see amazing video case studies. EarthPulse™ and Sleep On Command™ are trademarks of the inventor Paul F. Becker. EarthPulse™ is sold with an ironclad, 90-day satisfaction guarantee and offers a 20% discount to elite athletes, law enforcement and families of combat personnel.

EarthPulse™ case studies, videos and PEMF research are not intended to infer the use of the device as a product to eliminate disease or other medical conditions. Information herein has not been evaluated by the FDA or other governmental health agencies. EarthPulse Technologies LLC makes no medical claims as to the benefit of their device and methods. EarthPulse™ is strictly a performance enhancement tool guaranteed to substantially improve sleep, and physical and mental performance or money-back. Their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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EarthPulse™ Technologies, LLC is a privately held biotechnology and life sciences company specializing in the field of natural sleep, and physical & mental performance enhancement. Clients range from 16 year old top ranked Girls Junior Tennis players, to men and woman well into their 90’s; from professional golfers and world champion swimmers, to UFC champions and military Special Forces. The company develops and manufactures in Bangalore, India and has thousands of satisfied clients in 20 countries.

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