MySpine Mattress, the Mattress of the Future, Now Available

Founded on 33 years of spine and musculoskeletal research, the MySpine Mattress is the mattress of the future, available now. Studies continue to show how sagging mattresses can cause a long list of symptoms. Created by medical professionals, the MySpine Mattress aims to protect people from aches and pains by providing correct, customized support along with the ability to renew the foam parts that wear out over time.

MySpine Mattress, the Mattress of the Future, Now Available
Provo, UT, May 15, 2018 --( The Future Mattresses

With all of the "white noise" on the market today for back pain, it’s almost impossible to know the best long-lasting solutions for you to invest your time and money in. That’s why a team of medical professionals spent over 30 years analyzing the spine and musculoskeletal system to determine the best practices and products to help people take control once and for all.

Using the foundational research as a guide, the MySpine Mattress was developed as a "tool" for protecting against 46 symptoms that can arise from our modern-day lifestyle. It’s been determined that the jobs we have, the chairs we sit in, and the mattresses we sleep on, have significant impact on the health and wellness of our spine’s shape and balance.

The MySpine Mattress can be customized for each user’s unique firmness needs. The inner support layer is sectioned into 6 pads that can be rotated and allow for up to 50 different configurations. Like rotating the tires on your car, this distributes the wear more evenly and helps to prevent sagging. New foam provides the best support, protecting each joint in its ‘neutral’ position, and helps to prevent spine shape deformity and related symptoms.

This mattress allows for customers to dial-in exactly what they want without the headaches of dealing with exchanges or return policies. Additionally, the mattress can be affordably renewed as parts wear out, to last a lifetime.

The MySpine Mattress is available at

The MySpine Mattress was developed by Upright Spine Solutions located in Provo, Utah.

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