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New 8-Hour Training Program to Prepare Behavior Analysts to Become Supervisors

ABA Technologies, Inc. are pleased to offer an updated and improved 8-hour supervision course for behavior analysts based on the BACB’s newest Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline 2.0. The new outline goes into effect November 2019. With a team of seven dynamite behavior analysts, the 21st Century Supervision Course Series presents a comprehensive account of tried-and-true tools for effectively supervising RBTs, BCaBAs, and BCBAs.

New 8-Hour Training Program to Prepare Behavior Analysts to Become Supervisors
Melbourne, FL, July 24, 2019 --(PR.com)-- ABA Technologies, Inc., in partnership with Florida Institute of Technology, announces the launch of an 8-hour training program to prepare behavior analysts to become supervisors.

The 21st Century Supervision Course Series is based on the BACB’s Supervisor Training Curriculum Outline 2.0, released in December 2018. Per the BACB, this new curriculum is “revised, enhanced, and reorganized to emphasize content relevant to the ongoing supervision of RBTs and BCaBAs, and the supervision of trainees.” All incoming supervisors are required to complete an updated training course beginning November 2019.

Seven seasoned behavior analysts teach this course. Topics include clinical behavior analysis, organizational behavior management, and instructional design. All are essential components for behavior analysts to grow as supervisors.

The seven-part series includes the following:

1. The Purpose of Supervision—Dr. Jose Martinez-Diaz and Dr. Allison Kingshare how ethical supervision affects the broader field of behavior analysis and the potentially adverse outcomes of ineffective supervision.

2. Important Features of Supervision - Corey Robertson teaches the essential characteristics of a supervision process, and includes how to deal with potential legal issues, supervisory requirements, and special issues for specific clinical populations.

3. Holding Effective Meetings - Shauna Costello prepares participants to use tools and templates for holding productive meetings that can enhance the supervisor-supervisee relationship.

4. Behavior Skills Training for Supervisors - Dr. Kristin Myers-Kemp demonstrates the correct application of behavioral skills training (BST) using in-person and video modeling, including monitoring techniques during the rehearsal stage.

5. Delivering Performance Feedback - Kelly Therrien applies the science of behavior to one’s communication skills as a supervisor and shares tools for delivering performance feedback to trainees, supervisees, and other staff members.

6. Evaluating the Effects of Supervision - Thomas Freeman covers the often-neglected aspects of continuous evaluation, which help troubleshoot performance problems during training.

7. Ongoing Professional Development - Shauna Costello offers ways to use ongoing professional development to remain current with best practices and emerging research.

For a full description of the course content and objectives, read ABA Technologies’ recent blog, “21stCentury Supervision Skills for Behavior Analysts.” Take the course: 21st Century Supervision Course

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