Global Regenerative Group & Kanfit3D Enter Into Distribution Partnership

Pleased to announce a new distribution partnership between Global Regenerative Group, a company which has developed extensive experience in the most advanced medical device industries, and Kanfit3D.

Global Regenerative Group & Kanfit3D Enter Into Distribution Partnership
Boca Raton, FL, September 05, 2019 --( Kanfit3D offers the quick and cost-effective production of high-quality patient-specific implants and disposable surgical instruments. It delivers tailor-made, flexible solutions for the medical industry, including orthopaedic applications. Global Regenerative Group will be the distributor of Kanfit3D products in the USA, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans.

According to Zachy Shtamler, Co-Founder and COO of Kanfit3D, "For our company, partnering with Global Regenerative Group for distribution of our products means business development, growth in the world of medical technology, and most importantly, greater customer access to us in the US, Eastern Europe, Russia and the Balkans. Global Regenerative Group are a company that has proven itself in the field of Regenerative Medicine and we will work together to reach new heights in meeting patient needs. At Kanfit3D, we believe that engineering and technology can be used even more effectively in the healthcare arena to benefit individual patients.”

“Our principal is to satisfy the customer by providing our best services. This partnership will surely help us enhance and enrich our business and also provide newer services. The Global Regenerative Group strives daily to improve both the quality and variety of the products and services that we provide. Our support of Kanfit3D is another example of our commitment to help improve the quality of performance in the products we service,” states Mihail Blagoev, Vice President of Global Regenerative Group.

Kanfit3D offers the latest in hybrid manufacturing using EOS M 290 - the leading system for tool-free direct manufacturing in titanium (Ti-64) metal. Kanfit3D utilizes the latest manufacturing technologies to achieve precision and accuracy in order to meet the top-most international standards.

Orthopaedic and spinal surgeons will benefit from immediate access to point-of-care, patient-specific 3D printing in hospitals via an on-site 3D printing laboratory, as well as support from medical 3D printing company.

The automated, patient-specific printing platform will reportedly allow clinicians to dedicate more time to focus on patient care, while providing customized models for use in pre-operative planning and in achieving patient consent.

For the design and production of patient-specific medical devices, Kanfit3D uses only EU certified biocompatible materials and state-of-the-art design and manufacturing technologies. Using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software, 3D computer models of the required object are created. These are uploaded into the metal printer. Using the models as building instructions, the printer adds a metal powder layer by layer, each time fusing the layer into solid metal with a high-power laser. In this way, complete 3D objects or, in our case products, are constructed by the printer.

Global Regenerative Group was established to share groundbreaking medical technologies for use in therapies that significantly enhance the body’s natural healing ability. During the last decade the company has developed extensive experience in the most advanced medical device industries. In the past several years, the company's emphasis has been focused exclusively on Regenerative Medicine, such as stem cell technologies, products, and therapies.

The company provides business development for medical device companies with an emphasis on Regenerative Medicine technologies and works extensively with clinics, hospitals and medical facilities that are engaged in Regenerative Therapy.

Global Regenerative Group has built a comprehensive network of experts in Europe, South America, Middle East, Asia and Australia. The company also organizes and facilitates scientific conferences and workshops to lecture about the latest developments, innovations, and breakthroughs.

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Global Regenerative Group
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Vice President
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