Fairfield County Junk-Removal Firm Starting Weekly Video Stream of Rare and Unique Finds from Its Journeys in Connecticut

A fourth-generation of Connecticut’s Jennings family is moving the junk-removal business into the digital-video age, starting next month a live video feed of their unique discoveries in Connecticut.

Fairfield County Junk-Removal Firm Starting Weekly Video Stream of Rare and Unique Finds from Its Journeys in Connecticut
Fairfield, CT, October 29, 2019 --(PR.com)-- “This is a great way for us to share our adventures with our customers and our community in an entertaining way,” said Glenn Jennings, owner of Connecticut Junk Removal LLC of Fairfield, a company started 78 years ago to help serve customers and keep the community clean. “Every Saturday morning, we will have a crew outfitted with GoPro cameras to let viewers on YouTube see for themselves some of the amazing things we find.”

Jennings said the weekly video feed will begin November 23, and will be accessible at the company’s YouTube channel or via its website. Customers interested in allowing a film crew at their location during a pickup are invited to apply on the company’s website. Those customers where filming occurs will receive free junk removal services, said Jennings.

He pointed out that the weekly video feed will not include customers who do not volunteer to participate, nor individual images of people’s homes. But the videos will highlight some of the amazing things that Connecticut Junk Removal finds in its journeys.

Given Fairfield County’s affluence – its cost of living is 32 percent above the national average, according to Forbes magazine’s “Best Places for Business and Careers” listing in 2018 - some of what residents there decide to toss is certainly out of the ordinary. “When you’re in the junk-removal business, you’re trained to look for valuables and recognize them pretty quickly,” laughed Jennings. For instance, one day at the garbage dump, he noticed a large cardboard box. “It was the kind of box you’d use to ship a painting,” he recalled. “I saw a painting peeking out of the box, about two-feet by three-feet. I could tell immediately that it was a vintage painting from the turn of the century.” He ended up selling the painting at auction for $10,000. Another time, about 15 years ago, a man was moving out of his home and had no room in his new house for a slot machine manufactured around the time of Prohibition, in the 1930s. “That was a fascinating find because it also had the name Jennings on it,” recalled Jennings. The machine apparently was manufactured by Jennings & Company, which was a leading manufacturer of slot machines from 1906 to the 1980s, according to Wikipedia. “Their family was no relation to ours, but I loved that slot machine and kept it for several years given the shared namesake,” he said. He ended up selling the machine on eBay for around $1,200 – but kept as souvenirs a number of mercury dimes inside the machine that were minted between 1916 and 1945.

“We provide a real service to our customers, and that’s helping them clear out what they no longer want or need,” said Jennings. “Personally, it’s always fascinating to learn about new things that we find in our journeys. That sense of discovery is what we want to share more broadly with our new weekly video feed.” dailyvoiceplus.com/fairfield/lifestyle/tv-stars-in-the-making-fairfield-countys-connecticut-junk-removal-is-hopeful/778671/

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