Off-Grid Supply Launches Innovative 360º Solar Panel Water Heating Solution

Innovative Solar tracking dish that follows the movement of the sun to optimize the heating of water. Ideal for heating swimming pools or lowering your properties hot water costs. Installation requires no cherrypicker and can be positioned on the ground or on a flat roof.

Off-Grid Supply Launches Innovative 360º Solar Panel Water Heating Solution
Kelowna, Canada, February 19, 2020 --( Off-Grid Supply Ltd, a leader in alternative heating solutions, is proud to launch the new TCT Red intelligent solar dish that concentrates sunlight and transforms it into heat energy for low heat (<100ºC) and medium heat (<250ºC) applications. True Solar Power.

Thanks to its revolutionary solar concentrator design, TCT RED achieves a much lower payback period, compared to other current solar thermal energy systems. With the innovative solar guidance system, it achieves maximum yield on the suns energy by using mirrors fixed on a focal point. The TCT RED’s 360º solar tracking system allows you to capture all the power of the sun, from the sun’s first rays in the morning, till the last rays at sunset.

Thanks to its revolutionary concentrating system, TCT RED offers high efficiency regardless of external ambient temperatures or internal fluid temperatures.

It’s lightweight and easy installation requirements allow TCT RED to be installed in almost every type of surface. Thanks to its tracking, solar concentration and surface installation possibilities, TCT RED is 4 times more efficient per m2 than traditional flat panel collectors. Making it ideal for Industrial processes (food, pharmaceutical, textile, farming) and residential use (heating and sanitary hot water)

These unique applications make TCT RED the smart renewables investment that offers

- 360º Solar tracking: for optimal solar exposure.
- Concentrating system: offers high efficiency regardless of external/internal temperature.
- Installation convenience: needs up to 1/4 of the space that flat panel collectors require. And no cherry picker required
- Versatility: produces temperatures unattainable by comparable, similar-priced systems.
- Ideal for heating swimming pools, hot water within buildings etc

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we announce the release of the TCT Red Solar tracking system into the Canadian Market,” said Jim Menear, President of Off-Grid Supply. “This revolutionary solar energy solution is a major leap forward for customers to reduce their utility costs and see a return of investment in no time.”

Not only does the TCT Red make financial sense it also meets 8 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Off-Grid Supply Ltd. started over 9 years ago by offering Portage and Main wood boilers for heating, however through growing interest in alternative energy solutions and the availability of new technologies and better performance, quality and reliability the companies product offerings have grown and continue to do so. Off-Grid Supply has the sole Canadian distribution rights for the TCT Red Solar system.
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