Staxxon Receives CSC Certification for Its Folding Shipping Container

Patented folding intermodal shipping container receives industry certification for use in international commerce.

Staxxon Receives CSC Certification for Its Folding Shipping Container
Montclair, NJ, May 19, 2020 --( Staxxon, LLC announced today that it has received Container Safety Convention (CSC) certification for the latest version of its 20-ft folding shipping container. The approval allows Staxxon’s 20-ft. folding container design to be used for shipping cargo in the same way as a standard container.

“This certification marks a major milestone for Staxxon. It validates our hard work designing a durable folding container that is 100% interchangeable with existing container fleets around the world,” said George Kochanowski, CEO of Staxxon. “With our easy and flexible bundling options, high durability, lower maintenance and repair costs, providing easy to replace walls and doors, we believe our design offers huge advantages for customers moving empty containers,” Kochanowski added.

Testing was conducted by Container Certification and Testing, LLC in New Jersey and headed up by Staxxon’s Bob Farrell, Director of Product Development. The container meets current ISO 1496 standards for a 34,000 kg gross mass container and is the first to use the latest industry-prescribed Type Code W1, indicating it is a folding container with a vertical base, as per ISO 6436.

The global shipping container fleet hit 23MM twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) units last year, with approximately 802MM TEUs handled annually in ports, according to Statista. Worldwide container port throughput grew by an average of 3.1% annually between 2015 and 2019.

The cost of empty container repositioning, however, remains a major problem for shipping lines. Over $20BN, or 5-10% of operating costs in any given year are spent moving empty containers to satisfy container logistics flow. Staxxon’s folding container design offers a flexible solution to this empty repositioning problem. It allows 2, 3, 4, or 5 empties to be folded and bundled together in an ISO 20-ft equivalent set. Once bundled, the set of folded empties holds together and is 100% interchangeable within existing global container fleets.

Staxxon empties can be transported more efficiently to their destination: saving time, money, and fossil fuels. Up to 80% fewer trucks are theoretically needed to reposition empties, especially as this relates to transportation to and from ports. At ports, Staxxon’s bundled empties take up less space and require fewer lifts and moves, helping to alleviate congestion and pollution, which in turn promotes faster ship loading and an opportunity for vessel operators to slow steam.

“Our goal for this year is to start trials with ocean vessel, railcar, and trucking partners. With our various manual and automated approaches we’ll show that the folding and unfolding process itself isn’t a bottleneck. Most importantly, we’re looking forward to feedback from our partners so that this is a win-win for everybody by the time we launch. Reducing operating costs and providing a more environmentally friendly container solution is most appealing to everyone. But building a coalition of regulators, shippers, port operators, truckers, unions, and customers is ultimately the key to mutual success. Conversations so far have been extremely encouraging, so we’re excited to be moving forward,” stated Kochanowski.

“I am looking forward to producing, along with some of the other ISO’s TC 104 members, the new global standard for testing a bundled set of folded empties. We anticipate that lifting, stacking, and racking tests will show that any configuration of Staxxon’s 2, 3, 4, or 5 empty containers - when bundled - will comply with current standards and operational procedures. This will allow our sets to be seamlessly integrated into the workflow, as if a regular container, an important consideration for customers’ willingness to adopt our technology,” added Kochanowski.

Staxxon’s 35 granted patents filed globally protect all of Staxxon’s critical and most unique design features. Future differentiating technologies that the Company is developing with outside partners include floor sensors that allow the container to weigh its contents and the aforementioned automated bundling/folding concepts targeting less than 3 minutes per fold/unfold. Additional industry standard container sizes, including 40-ft and 40-ft high cube, will also be made available.

Staxxon, LLC is a Delaware Limited Liability Company based in New Jersey. It operates as a technology and intellectual property licensing company. The Company has developed, patented, and certified a new design for ISO (International Organization for Standardization) shipping containers. The technology is the first to enable containers to fold upright, like an accordion. Staxxon’s upright system allows up to five empty containers to be folded, bundled, and moved together as a single container. The load bearing strength of the upright design also allows the container to be placed anywhere from top to bottom in a shipboard stack. Whether fully loaded or bundled together when empty, the Company anticipates that its containers will be 100% interchangeable with standard ISO container fleets. Container owners stand to benefit through substantially reduced operating costs and increased efficiency. Additionally, improved logistics in the handling of empties should materially mitigate global port congestion and environmental pollution. The Company is privately owned and financed by a small group of investors including the current management team.

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