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Telehealth Provider HealthPoint Plus Forms Strategic Partnership with the SureUp Total Wellness Platform

Partnership democratizes access to low-cost Telehealth that empowers businesses—especially small businesses—to recruit, retain, and reward employees.

Danvers, MA, June 24, 2020 --( Massachusetts-based HealthPoint Plus, an innovative leader in subscription-based Telehealth, forms a strategic partnership with Providence, Rhode Island based SureUp. HealthPoint Plus’ subscription-based Telehealth with no additional out of pocket expense is a “No More Business as Usual” approach that delinks health insurance from the delivery of their Telehealth solution. The strategic partnership democratizes access to healthcare with a low-cost Telehealth solution that empowers businesses—especially small businesses—to recruit, retain, and reward employees.

Just a short few weeks ago, most American did not know about Telehealth. Today, because of the Coronavirus pandemic, Telehealth is a household phenomenon.

Bob Goddard, CEO of HealthPoint Plus believes, “Americans already know that our very affordable Telehealth solution makes their medical visits extraordinarily convenient. But, heightened by the Coronavirus dangers, they now need to know that the telehealth visits are also safe--safe for them and safe for others in the waiting rooms.” Goddard continues, “Don't let an earache on the way in the doctor's office turn into Coronavirus on the way out.”

Jason Rua, President & CEO of Southeastern Massachusetts-based RDA Insurance says, “Where restaurants, retail stores, trade contractors and other small businesses with whom we regularly consult are concerned, we believe, at a minimum, it is important to provide employees with access to healthcare professionals. We understand that for many of these small businesses, it’s not possible to cover all of their employees with health insurance. SureUp has struck a critical balance in its partnership with HealthPoint Plus enabling SureUp Members to gain access to their unique Telehealth solution.” Rua continues, “In addition, SureUp creates the ability for its SureUp Small Business Members to propel sales and promote their business by creating and offering a discount to all other local SureUp Members within the SureUp Platform. This grassroots movement of local SureUp Members supporting each other is ingenious and will greatly contribute to the economic recovery ahead.”

John Hegarty, Founder of Quincy based Commonwealth Insurance Partners, a regional wholesale partner to insurance agencies agrees, “SureUp has formed a number of groundbreaking strategic partnerships that can greatly assist the many agencies we serve throughout the northeastern United States. They add value to both their commercial lines and personal lines clients. The addition of subscription-based Telehealth to the already feature packed SureUp Total Wellness Platform creates a must-have companion product for P&C agencies and employee benefit brokers.”

Brian Phillips, Managing Partner at SureUp Total Wellness and 30 year veteran in the Property & Casualty and Healthcare industries says, “The partnership between HealthPoint Plus and SureUp underscores our platform’s emphasis on engaging employees and consumers with interactive education that improves their physical and financial lives while empowering these working Americans to seek innovative solutions within the marketplace.” Phillips added, “HealthPoint Plus rose to the top among a myriad of traditional 'business as usual' Telehealth providers in our research as HealthPoint Plus has taken a much-needed fresh look at the containment of ever rising costs within the healthcare industry. Costs that translate directly into increases in healthcare premiums that are already out of reach for most small businesses and individuals.”

HealthPoint Plus’ unique subscription-based Telehealth solution can be accessed by employees of companies leveraging the SureUp Total Wellness Platform and by individuals/households who secure a SureUp Membership.

About HealthPoint Plus, Inc.
HealthPoint Plus, Inc. is disrupting how 90+ million Americans access primary care with subscription-based medicine. Telehealth by HealthPoint Plus empowers anyone to video chat with world-class doctors 24-7-365 to instantly get help from the convenience, safety, and privacy of their home or office.

About SureUp
SureUp is an engagement platform designed to educate members and propel them forward on a variety of total wellness topics. From proactive tips on healthy eating and exercise to interactive financial wellness features, SureUp is the Total Wellness Solution. Through SureUp’s Think Local Movement, the company is supporting business owners increase sales by encouraging SureUp Members to think of their local options first before considering chains and online options to fulfill their needs.

Brian Phillips can be reached for further comment at (508) 965-5245.
Bob Goddard can be reached for further comment at (978) 515-CARE.
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