Wuanap, the Smart Lifecollar That Prevents People from Drowning, Will Save Thousands of Lives

Designed for people of all ages and for any activity in the water (except scuba diving), Wuanap is a smart lifecollar with a state-of-the-art computer system that detects danger and activates a flotation device to get your nose and mouth out of the water. A surf-loving Spaniard developed the USA patent and it is about to release the first batch.

Wuanap, the Smart Lifecollar That Prevents People from Drowning, Will Save Thousands of Lives
Madrid, Spain, July 14, 2020 --(PR.com)-- A new invention that will revolutionize the world of water sports.

Just launched under the slogan “Enjoy water safely,” the smart lifecollar Wuanap hides a state-of-the-art computer system that detects whether the wearer is at risk of dying from drowning. Few people are aware that drowning is the world’s third leading cause of accidental death, resulting in 372,000 deaths per year and 42 per hour (source: WHOint). Wuanap has the potential to save the lives of thousands of people of all ages around the world.

The inventor and his story
Wuanap was created by a young man from Madrid, Ignacio Cuesta, who, after a bad experience while surfing off the coast of Cantabria, realized that water sports – unlike cycling, skiing, motorcycles, and obviously, cars – do not have a smart safety mechanism like the airbag. In this case, instead of providing crash protection, the important thing is keeping a person’s head above water, so he came up with the idea of the smart lifecollar. Featuring a motherboard with sensors coordinated by an algorithm, it detects when a person is in distress in the water and inflates to keep their chin, nose and mouth high above the surface, allowing them to breathe even when unconscious. Surprisingly, there was no product like this on the market, so after 2 years of research, design and paperwork, Ignacio obtained the U.S. patent No. 15/624,713 in April 2019. He has since been working with two engineers to develop a prototype for the product that is now ready to show Wuanap to the world.

How does it work?
If you become unconscious in the water for any reason, nerve receptors in your nose and eyes detect that you are underwater and instantly seal your airway. Your brain lowers your heart rate to slow consumption of the remaining oxygen in your blood, but once these reserves are depleted, you go into cardiorespiratory arrest and your lungs fill up with water. From the moment you become unconscious, this process takes between 20 seconds and one minute (and sometimes longer). After this, the victim would need to be reanimated by someone else. However, if you receive help to get to the surface before reaching your limit, your brain immediately tells you to resume breathing and you regain consciousness autonomously. The neoprene collar’s inflation system – also patented – is activated within five seconds of a person becoming unconscious and does not use cartridges or toxic or flammable gas. There are seven situations in which Wuanap is inflated; “the seven reasons”: unconsciousness, immobility, panic attacks, seizures, exceeding your breath-holding limit, pressing the manual panic button and screaming underwater.

The moment Wuanap is activated, it will launch a SOS signal to the Wuanap users nearby, and also to the lifeguards. The user might not need help, but it will be helpful if anyone is close.

More than a lifecollar
Aside from being a useful, practical, comfortable safety system that is unprecedented in the market, Wuanap is linked to a smartphone app where you can view all the performance data collected by your smart lifecollar, which is incredibly helpful in sports training. The app will turn into a personal trainer focused on you, to make you reach the next level.

Where can I buy it?
Wuanap will be available for use in the spring of 2021 but before July 2020 ends anyone can purchase it through the Kickstarter platform. This offer is for limited units and Wuanap asks people interested in buying it to subscribe to their website www.wuanap.com, so they can determine how many units will be destined to Super Early Birds (180$).

Watch Wuanap teaser here.

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Lifecollar + Motherboard (Brain)

Lifecollar + Motherboard (Brain)

Wuanap has invented the concept of #SmartLifecollar

Die Facts Per Year

Die Facts Per Year

+370,000 people die per year from drowning.