Personalize Your Perfume with Vocaluv’s Discreet Technology Integrated

Personalize Your Perfume with Vocaluv’s Discreet Technology Integrated
Brooklyn, NY, September 02, 2020 --( If you are confused about the gift that you want to give, then this innovative product might just provide the answer.

A Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign will be launching on September 2020 for an innovative product called Vocaluv to bring changes to the live of your lovers.

As fun, exciting and strange as it sounds, its one way to describe the innovative product offered by Vocaluv.

We all love to make our loved ones feel special and the best way to do this is often with a gift. But you can admit that gifting is often hard.

Sometimes you don’t know what to get. Sometimes all your options don’t seem as personalized as you would like. And sometimes, you can hardly get a gift so amazing at an affordable cost.

These needs and more are what Vocaluv fulfills and this is what sets us up for a successful market.

Vocaluv offers popular perfume brands with unique and personalized touch of a voice message. The message is played upon activation and with Vocaluv you can record a message up to 200 times – so you can make all the mistakes and still record the perfect message. It’s the gift you have always wanted to give or the kind of perfume you need to leave a message for other users.

If you want to get your early bird, please subscribe here and Vocaluv will advise you with the date of launch.
Abdellatif Bouzid