Reality TV Star Kimberly D. Worthy and Model Darryl “DC” Chambers Bring the #FreakoutChallenge to Social Media

The #FreakoutChallenge is a fun new challenge that the entire family can partake in. You can also win money by participating in the challenge.

Reality TV Star Kimberly D. Worthy and Model Darryl “DC” Chambers Bring the #FreakoutChallenge to Social Media
Atlanta, GA, June 28, 2021 --( Kimberly D. Worthy is known to freakout, especially in the kitchen. This was best documented by her appearances on The FOOD Network “Worst Cooks In America,” and “Worst Bakers In America.” Even the slightest thing as cracking an egg sent her into a frenzy so there is no surprise that she would be the one to invent the #FreakoutChallenge.

Essentially, the #FreakoutChallenge is the latest in a string of social media challenges. With this challenge, a person prepares a seemingly delicious meal and presents it to an unsuspecting person. The catch is that the meal is anything but appealing and the recipient “Freaks Out” when it is revealed.

“I came up with the idea while watching the episode of me on The FOOD Network when I removed the Silver Dome and found a whole chicken and I freaked out. I felt it would be funny for everyone to have their own freakout experience. I decided to ask my friend, model Darryl 'DC' Chambers to join me on this challenge as he is just as silly as I and he is really great with Social Media. I think the combination of our two personalities is comedy gold,” stated Kimberly D. Worthy

Viewers of the #FreakoutChallenge will be instructed to create their own freak out video and tag @kimberlydworthy; @onenonlydc and hastag #FreakoutChallenge on all of their Social Media Accounts. After Kimberly receives at least 100 video submissions, DC and Kimberly will choose their favorite Freak Out video and send the winner a cash prize.

To keep up with the latest ongoings with the #FreakoutChallenge follow @kimberlydworthy on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and @therealkimberlydworthy on TikTok. Follow @onenonlydc on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok.

About Kimberly D. Worthy:

Kimberly D. Worthy is a multifaceted Entrepreneur. She is a Content Creator, Writer, Actress and Television Personality. She also has an Online Education Business with clients all over the world. To learn more about Kimberly D. Worthy, visit her website at

About Darryl “DC” Chambers:

Darryl “DC” Chambers is a popular male model that has taken Social Media by storm. This Alabama native has graced the pages of many magazines and has been voted Eye Candy several times over. DC is also a Social Media Influencer, Brand Ambassador and budding Actor. To learn more about Darryl “DC” Chambers, follow him @onenonlydc on all Social Media sites.
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