Upskilling Veterans to Create More Job Opportunities: Us4Warriors and STEERus Announce New Partnership

Us4Warriors, an award-winning non-profit veteran support organization and STEERus, home to the world’s first Soft Skills Academy have entered a strategic partnership to bring soft skills training and resources to military and veterans seeking to advance their career goals.

San Diego, CA, January 27, 2022 --( Us4Warriors, an award-winning, non-profit veteran support organization, and STEERus, an innovator in talent development, are pleased to announce they have entered a strategic partnership. To better serve veterans, the two organizations have teamed up to provide pathways for upskilling in soft skills, also known as power skills, career readiness, leadership development, and access to job opportunities. Services of the Work4Warriors Program by Us4Warriors will be offered in combination with the next-gen Soft Skills Academy program and services by STEERus.

The partnership also demonstrates the power of networking as the collaboration was sparked by a mutual partner, 1Huddle. 1Huddle is a workforce technology company that onboards, upskills, and develops employees using science-backed quick-burst mobile games. The leader in gamified learning introduced the two companies through mutual interest in supporting jobseekers.

Today's partnership of Us4Warriors and STEERus aligns resources to provide transitioning military and veterans re-entering the workforce with the essential skills they need to not only secure new careers but also to be effective employees and leaders.

Soft skills are important skills that can make the difference between a candidate who is hired and one who is not. Time-management, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, professionalism, leadership, communications, resilience, and others are some of the most highly sought-after soft skills. Employers recognize that these skills can be transformative to their organizations and that many job candidates are strong in their technical skills but could benefit by honing their soft skills.

According to a survey conducted by Adecoo Staffing USA, 44% of executives said that a lack of soft skills was the biggest proficiency gap they saw in today's workforce. The International Association of Administrative Professionals and, state that 67% of Human Resources Managers said they would hire a candidate with strong soft skills even if their technical abilities were lacking. And a report by Linkedin highlighted how 92% of hiring managers felt that soft skills were more important than tech skills. Employers and managers alike agree that soft skills represent the core values that drive business and are powerful factors in both hiring and long-term success.

"Working with STEERus is like finding a missing puzzle piece for helping veterans discover their capabilities and become the best version of themselves." said Tony Stewart, CEO of Us4Warriors. "As Veterans ourselves, we know that these skills are worthy of our time to make us all the most competitive and best fit for the careers and cultures we seek to immerse ourselves in after service," he added.

“As social entrepreneurs,” opined Loralyn Mears, PhD, founder of STEERus, “creating opportunities for greater success at work and in life is an important aspect of our mission. Having the opportunity to support Us4Warriors, a lauded organization, and to learn and grow with the veterans they support is an incredible opportunity. We’re honored to broker introductions of these upskilled warriors to employers.”

Through the Work4Warriors Program, active-duty military and veterans who are either departing service and seeking a new mission through employment or seeking a career change and looking to brush up on their soft skills, now can access The STEERus Soft Skills Academy resources are being provided free of charge to veterans through Us4Warriors.

Learn more about STEERus at and Us4Warriors at For active-duty military and veterans seeking to take advantage of this amazing opportunity by gaining access to these valuable services, you may do so at

About: Us4Warriors™ (The Us for Warriors Foundation) is a 501c3 non-profit Veteran Support Organization established in 2013 serving to improve the quality of life of military, veterans, and their families. With a devoted staff and over 4,200 dedicated members of a Warrior Volunteer Force, Us4Warriors has supported over 35,000 warriors and family members through a Warriorverse™ of programs, services, and events. Operating under three basic aims, serving like steps to prosperity, Us4Warriors helps warriors and their families Live – for a stronger life through basic needs assistance of food, shelter and clothing; and Prosper – for a brighter future through the empowerment of better employment, education and entrepreneurship. Once warriors overcome challenges and become self-reliant, we look past times of struggle and sacrifice and work to help them Aspire – for their dreams. To learn more about Us4Warriors, please visit

About: STEERus™ INC was founded in 2020, and is headquartered in River Vale, NJ. As the world’s first Soft Skills Academy, the company’s proprietary digital learning software platform and modular “Coaching Capsule” scenario-based content delivery combines personalized and blended learning anchored in SEL and coaching principles. Structured curriculums anchored in soft skills training have been designed to provide learners with a successful transition from academic to work life, and re-entry to the workforce. Programs have been designed to help help businesses improve their retention, productivity, and corporate culture. STEERus upholds a social impact mission to help underserved communities upskill to be more competitive in today’s workplace. Rich analytics and a proprietary advanced learning management system are at the core of the company’s innovative technology platform which has been lauded by NJ Governor Murphy and Collision Conference. The company serves as an adjunct resource that supports college career services and businesses lacking the infrastructure for talent development. To learn more, visit:
Loralyn Mears
Us4Warriors and STEERus Announce Partnership to Upskill Veterans

Us4Warriors and STEERus Announce Partnership to Upskill Veterans

Us4Warriors is an award-winning non-profit serving to improve the quality of life of military, veterans, and their families. STEERus is an emerging leader in talent development offering an innovative training and coaching solution in soft skills.