Ship Camps and CampMinder Partner to Provide a Seamless Solution for Camps and Their Families

Ship Camps and CampMinder Partner to Provide a Seamless Solution for Camps and Their Families
West Palm Beach, FL, March 15, 2022 --( Ship Camps, a leading white-glove shipping provider, announced today that it has formally launched a partnership and integration with CampMinder, the summer camp industry leader in camp management software. Parents and staff will be able to sign up for Ship Camps directly from their CampMinder account. Camps will get all bags pre-tagged for the appropriate room and bunk.

Ship Camps is a subsidiary of Ship Sticks, a company founded in 2011 with the goal of improving the travel experience for golfers. In 2021, the company launched Ship Camps, a service that makes it simple for campers and camps to ship luggage to and from summer camp.

CampMinder serves many of the leading residential camps throughout North America and has heard from thousands of camp directors and parents that they need a luggage shipping solution that works for everyone.

Ship Camps aims to improve the travel experience for all campers and camps by shipping luggage, trunks, and boxes to and from camp.

Hundreds of camps used Ship Camps in 2021, including Chippewa Ranch Camp, an overnight camp in Wisconsin. According to Sari Hirsch, the camp’s co-director Ship Camps took care of all the details. “It’s very accessible and user-friendly,” she noted. “I couldn’t recommend it more.”

Reinventing Shipping Gear to Camp

Camps with campers traveling from out of state face a mountain of logistics, including getting all their gear to the right location at the right time. The Ship Camps-CampMinder partnership enables parents to set up shipping, and camps to get every bag delivered when and where they need it.

“This partnership is an opportunity to dramatically improve the experience for both camp operators and their parents,” says Paul Berliner, president of CampMinder.

Ship Camps uses technology that was developed to ensure that heavy, awkward, and oversized bags arrive conveniently. “We’ve been working with CampMinder for the last couple of years as we saw this partnership as a great win-win-win,” said Nick Coleman, Ship Camps founder and CEO. “It’s a win for parents, camps, and a win for our two companies that want to enable camps to offload the logistical burdens of campers’ luggage and the ensuing travel forms.”

Using the CampMinder Parent Portal for a Seamless Experience

Once a camp signs up with Ship Camps, parents access the Ship Camps portal directly through CampMinder’s platform. They use an online form or speak to a support agent to schedule a pickup. Labels are sent in advance and bags are picked up and delivered at the right time. All shipments come with an on-time delivery guarantee and $500 of complimentary insurance.

Two of Anna Miller’s children travel out of state for camp. She says the Ship Camps service and team are wonderful. “We just tell them when the camp luggage will be ready,” she explains, “and they do all the labels and coordinate the pickups and drop-offs.” As she puts it, “It’s just so easy.”

World-Class Customer Support

In addition to a love of summer camp, Ship Camps and CampMinder share an approach to world-class customer support. “The short story is that Ship Camps was the easiest and best decision I’ve ever made,” says Sheryl Kirschenbaum, Camp Director at Surprise Lake, an overnight camp in New York. “They provide great customer service and do all the work. I had no parental complaints—which is unheard of!

About Ship Camps
Founded in 2021, Ship Camps is a safe, convenient, global delivery service for campers’ trunks, luggage, and boxes. With stress-free shipping to and from home, Ship Camps makes the journey to camp easier than ever.

Ship Camps offers parents an alternative to carrying, checking, and claiming baggage at the airport. Working in conjunction with world-class logistics providers, Ship Camps ensures on-time delivery for all shipments - guaranteed. Parents can have their child’s bags picked up directly from their home or office and delivered to almost any camp worldwide. Every shipment comes with complimentary insurance and a dedicated tracking team that monitors the progress of campers’ bags every step of the way.

About CampMinder

CampMinder has served the camp industry for more than twenty years. By bringing the best camp management technology to camps of all sizes, camp staff can do what they do best—create experiences for their campers that help them develop into accomplished adults and empathetic and engaged members of our communities.
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